Saturday, October 1, 2011

Celebrity Birthday Party Ideas

I love that the kids love to have parties!
I love to have a party for absolutely no reason, as long as there is a theme, it will be a good time!

For the girl's birthday party this year they decided they wanted to have a Celebrity Hollywood theme party... Ella came to me one day and said she was set on having a light up dance floor, I quickly repsonded "Hmm I think those are expensive plus I don't think you can rent those in Lexington, only like big cities" ... as I am fixing dinner she calls for me to come in the room and when I walk in, dang girl was on google and found 3 places in Lex that rent dance floors... bahahahahaha 3rd graders are smart these days!!!

At first I thought this may be a challenging task... celebrity theme... what would we do?
Then I found this website...
and this one...

and of course my favorite store...

The party is a week from today... and here is what we've got so far :)

Every Celebrity Style Party needs a Red Carpet :)
So we will be turning the front of our garage door into a "Step and Repeat" with a Red Carpet in front of to walk and take pictures! So cute! However, of course you can't have a red carpet event without a REAL celeb to pose next to...

So here we have a lifesize cardboard cutout of the little Biebs himself :) bahahaha
The pics should be pretty good from the party, I am laughing just thinking about it!

And to go on either side of the Red Carpet...

Some lifesize tall Golden Globe Award Statues :)

These will line the driveway and have the guests names written on them :) 

Some Street Signs for outside!

And some caution tape with the VIP theme!

Just some other cut out decor that was like $5 so couldn't pass it up!

Cute Napkins...

Think we will just go black plates & stuff with these cute napkins!

I thought about all the fun events I've been to, and just how special you feel to have a VIP pass when you're out and about. So I found these online...

However... they were INSANE expensive... we needed like 30 or so and it was going to be way too much (insert Chris having a heart attack ha) so I decided, what the heck, we can make these, and they will be even cuter! Do you know how hard it is to find lanyards in Lexington?? I must have went to 10 places! Finally ordered them from Hobby Lobby and they were super duper cheap but look great and will do the job!
The girls and I cut out the cardstock paper, they put on all the stickers and glued the papers together, I hand wrote each one to be uniform... and here is what we ended up with...

This is about half of them.. still need to make the other half :)

The front of the passes!

and the back of the passes!

How cute are those??
(All supplies came from Hobby Lobby and stickers you can wait until scrapbook stuff goes 50% off!!)
I am so proud ha! Love them!
If you were a kid wouldn't you feel so special wearing this? Let's be honest, the adults will be wearing them too and feeling pretty fab ;)

For food I have no clue yet...  I haven't finalized the menu ;)
(did that sound like a wedding planner? lol)

Most importantly, as we all know, will be the cake!
I have found a few examples online that the girls liked... but I trust my girls at Confused Confections will do their thing and make it fabulous! If you have missed our previous cakes, CLICK HERE! :) To see an amazing cake for a 21st birthday they did CLICK HERE or to see the cutest UK Football Cake ever made, CLICK HERE!

Can't wait to show you how the actual party turns out! This will be a fun one I think!
I can't wait to pull it all together for the kids and see how much fun they have!!

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  1. The party sounds like it's going to be so much fun! Man, kids don't have parties like we did when we were little tots! Umm... I only got a cake from the local grocery store :/
    I can't wait to see the final results... love all the ideas :)

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