Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Contest!

It's October Friends!

Quick Post... Have lots to share from Chris's bday but will do that after tonight, as we are having another little get together for him tonight ;)
I am having a contest on Facebook for all of my clients, friends, co-workers, etc etc and wanted to extend it to my blog followers too!!! It is going to be so fun...

How fun right???

So to enter and play... AND show off your Pumpkin decorating skills.... go to my
Business Fan Page
and become a "Fan" and then once you get your cute pumpkin done... upload a pic to my page!! :)

I am expecting some SUPER cute pumpkins from all you blogging ladies after our massive obsession with Pinterest and all the amazing Pumpkins on there!
Here are some ideas... in case you need a little help ;)


(This one is my fave I think!!!)
How fun is that?
Happy Pumpkin Decorating! :)
Please feel free to pass along and share with your friends...
October 28th is the last day to upload a photo on my fanpage so you've got some time!
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  1. I am dying to get some pumpkins for my porch! Maybe this weekend :)


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