Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthdays Galore & a Little Pinteresting Monday too :)

This past week/weekend I don't think I stopped for 5 minutes. I'm talking, no sleep, running around like a crazy person, working, falling asleep with my sunglasses on (no that is not a lie unfortunately ha)... But it was all worth it because all the birthday celebrations turned out amaze!!

For Chris's birthday celebration him and I went to Cincinnati and to dinner at our very favorite place!

We splurge once or twice a year for special occasions, and it is soooo worth it!

Chris & I eating his carrot cake they brought him! The staff their is so sweet, they came and took our picture and within 5 minutes brought back a Morton's birthday card for him with our picture in the middle, and everyone, including the chef, had signed it! How fun is that?

Probably mine and Chris's very favorite thing about Morton's is their bread! It is some sort of sweet onion bread I think... and it is literally heaven in your mouth. It's huge, and we crushed it ha. Great place w/ the best food ever... but you will leave feeling a little bloated more than likely, so don't say I didn't worn ya! ;)

We stayed the night and the view from our hotel was so pretty!

We woke up the next day and walked right over to Sak's (such a good sport letting me shop on this bday extravaganza ha!) where I was able to scoop up a new pair of my favorite flats... the New TB's with elastic...for anyone contemplating getting some, I find these MUCH more comfortable than the regular ones I have with the scrunchy back...

We shopped around for a bit then headed back because we both had to work :(
But it was a great little get-a-way and we had a lot of fun celebrating his bday!

The celebration however wasn't over yet, we still had to have a mini family get-together!
Which is where my favorite part occurs... the CAKE! I am always getting a crazy cool cake for every thing and party we do, but poor little Chris has never gotten one for his bday... so this year I decided we would have him one made and the kids came up with the best idea... an all about him cake! Which consisted of the things he likes to do ha! Genius!

The top had a little Chris with some tools and work stuff for his building/remodeling work... and a UK shirt and football/basketball for the CATS! :)

The right side had an awesome ocean picture with a boat and fishing rod because he loves going down to Florida and getting on his boat and fishing! They even did sand and everything.. it was awesome!

On the left side we did a hunting scene... deer, camo, hunting man ha, leaves, etc etc

They did an awesome job! Which I wouldn't have expected anything different, they are so great!

Cake time!
Everyone blew out the candle!
Confused Confections is just my absolute favorite cake place and I have said it before... and crazy enough I had to get 3 cakes from there last week LOL so I will share them all! But this one was so cute and tasted so yummy! 
Chris was so surprised and loved it :) Mission accomplished!

Next we had to get prepared for the Celebrity Style Birthday Post which I will do in a different posting because there are so many pics lol! It was a time to remember, let me tell you! So many dancing kids and cute outfits and loud DJ'ing music haha it was great!

Here are just some randoms for today :)

haha love this!

I am so obsessed with Fall boots this year, worse than last year, and these are all so cute!

Everyone knows I am obsessed with all things monogrammed... how cute of an idea is this for a shower? I died!

This is SOOO TRUE!
I feel an every day (almost) myself or someone I love is invited to an argument and I am over them! When I read this I just thought it was so true.. some people thrive on arguing and being miserable, and I am not a miserable person so don't understand that!
Next time someone wants to argue with you, you can tell them you're not attending ;)

I think this is the cutest idea ever and I am making them this week for Ella, Ava & Jake, already have the ribbon! I love how the clothes pins are glittery too! So cute! I'm sure we will be reminding, just because its pinned up doesn't mean you're getting it lol it's a "wish" list! ;)

 I am a little obsessed with chalkboard paint still and I think this is so cute for a wedding or party! Love the mason jars and the design is very chic!

(Speaking of chalkboard paint, take a look at my dining room table for Fall... so excited!)

Once the flowers die I have a cute arrangement to go there, just thought those were pretty!
Pretty cute huh?

I am usually a fan of whiter bathrooms, but I just thought this one was so pretty and I am obsessing over this shower!!!! And the arched ceilings! Just love it!

How cute is this to organize and display your jewelry?
I think its beautiful!

I think this is so cute, it's an anniversary or Christmas present idea!! <3

Lastly, this is SO me it is not even funny... I literally laughed outloud when I read it! 
So true... and maybe a little sad ha!
Can anyone else check every single one on the list like me? LOL

Hope you had a great Monday!!
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  1. That birthday cake is so cute! Love all the details on it. I wouldn't want to cut it!!

  2. I just ordered those black TB's too!


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