Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Monday, Etc.

Good news and bad news...

Good News First ... this is my 100th Blog Post!!! :) Isn't that crazy? Can't believe how much this little fun bloggy has changed my life, literally. It has brought me new friends, been a way for family and friends who don't live here to know what's going on with us, given me an outlet and way to relax and do something fun that I enjoy, and more importantly, given me a way to freeze tons of memories and pictures and events for years to come! I just love it!

Thank you to everyone who follows, reads, stalks, lol and comments! :) I enjoy reading everyone's emails and comments so much! I will get better at replying I promise!

Sometimes when I think about the fact that I know people who more than likely read my blog, that I really don't want knowing ANYTHING about my personal life, I get a little weirded out and think maybe I should give it a rest for a while and not post as personal of stuff on here. But then I just think that really I will take it with a grain of salt, and as a compliment ;) Because I've grown to love this little blog ha. And she is here to stay!

Bad news... I am getting sick :( blah! I can just feel it. My throat is killing, cold chills, body aches, just pure yuckness. Thus said, this Pinterest post is SO random... so be prepared!

This is too funny! Hahaha made me laugh outloud!

How presh is this clipboard? Love it, think I could possibly make it, it said most supplies were from Hobby Lobby! :)

Are you dying at this pic? The pearls, the outfit, the heels, the hair, its all bananas. I die. Love her :)

I love this baby room... for all my little preggo lady friends that could be having a girl, pin this!! :)

This is hard to see, but its a Bible, that has been very used as you can see haha.
Mine is similar but not as used as this one (I am ashamed to admit) but it is literally falling apart and I recently found out you can take your Bible to Lifeway Christian Bookstore (prob any Christian bookstore, I just happened to go there) and you can mail off your Bible and they will re-bind and cover it with leather for like $60. Bad thing is it can take up to 6 weeks, but I am totally doing this! :)

If you saw this youtube video, then I don't care who you are, this is funny!

Ok is this for real???
Would love it if it were!

This is a great idea... wish notes for a wedding reception but ordered and then broken up into puzzle pieces that afterwards you can put together and frame it :) So creative!

I am obsessed with layering socks under your boots, over your jeans!
This website was about cutting off the arms of old sweaters and using as under boot socks!

Liking this color, may try it tomorrow when I get my nails done.. very Fall'ish
OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Now for my favorite inspiriational words of the week :)

Love this! :)

LOL very true ;)

 I loved this... I feel like my group of best girlfriends are so busy now, having their own families and lives, and not making actual quality girl time!! (you know who you are if you're reading this and my friend haha and I know I am prob the worst lately but just sayin') But reading this made me feel better when I was discouraged thinking about all the girlfriend time we use to have!
I just loved this.  

Lastly, little known fact about Moi... I am OBSESSED with stockings at Christmas!
They are by far my favorite part... I would rather open a stocking than a present, and I LOVE watching Chris, the kids, Frankie (yes DUH Frankie has a stocking) and everyone else pull stuff out of their stockings too. I just like being creative with them and filling them with really fun, unexpected things! This website is super cute for stocking stuffer ideas... if you're not a stocking stuffer type person, maybe this will give you some ideas...You're welcome! :) Ha.

I'm kind of over Halloween already and ready to move on to Christmas! Reading all of these got me in the mood! Can't wait to start pulling out all of the stuff and decorating.. and celebrate Jesus's brithday :)
(NOT intended to sound like Melissa Gorga from RHWNJ hahahahahaha)

Happy Monday!
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  1. Girl!! If you do gelish they have a very similar color of polish called very black cherry (I think). I just love the girl in the romper.. I can't wait til Carsyn is bigger and I can duplicate that photo.

  2. I LOVE stockings too! They are so much fun! That OPI color is fabulous! I can tell that we have so much in common!!

  3. I've woken up the past 2 days feeling icky, too--must be going around! I hope you feel better! Love that nail polish color too. Do you do the gel/shellac manicure, and if so...tell us where is your fav place! I've tried 2 different places here in Lex but still haven't found a favorite. (I get jealous when I hear people say oh it lasts 3 weeks...I need to go to that place! ha!)


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