Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Great Cake by Confused Confections!

Previously I have blogged about my favorite cake place ....
Confused Confections Bakehouse
To see that blog with all the fabulous cake pictures click here  :)
Anywho... for my brother's 21st Birthday I knew I wanted to get him an awesome cake. I knew it had to be something obviously to do with alcohol (duh) but a classy alcoholic looking cake... I had reservations about this because the last thing I wanted was to get a cake that looked cheesy or trashy because it had to do with alcohol. I know my brother would have been happy no matter what it looked like, but this cake surpassed my expectations and he LOVVVEEEDDD it!!
How cute is that??
The most perfect, classy yet "alcohol themed" cake ever!
Yellow Cake inside with chocolate filling and icing... yummmmmy!
I purchased the little Maker's Mark shot bottles at Rite Aid and dropped them off at the cake place for them to incorporate into the cake. Then after we cut the cake, he got to keep those as mini-presents too ha.

Birthday Boy with his cake :)

My mom bought these candles that were crazzzyyy... you light them and they burn and crackle and crap just like a real firework, right on your cake. Was very pretty, but made my house smell like the 4th of July for about 30 minutes haha.
Not the best picture but the only one we got of the two of us for some reason?!?

It was a great day, I feel like we celebrated his birthday for an entire week!
 But hey, that's ok, you only turn 21 once!

My mouth is salivating writing this, wishing I wouldn't have given all the left overs to him, but pool season is right around the corner and who am I kidding I would have eaten the whole dang thing if it were here. Can't wait until the next party or reason I get to order another cake!!!  Guess I will have to wait until June for Jake's birthday... hmmm...?? Maybe I can think of something sooner than that! ;)
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  1. That's great! Where did those candles come from? My son's birthday party is at the end of this month and I think he would think those are awesome!!

  2. I have got to try that place! Actually I think one of Colin's little friends had a cake from there but I need to order one for someone. The problem is that I love to bake myself!

  3. Umm adorable. LOVE it! I want a PinkLouLou cake my next birthday HAHA

  4. OMG I love!!! I am TOTALLY getting a cake made there for my hubs 30th birthday this year! SO CUTE!


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