Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Current Faves!

Warning... this will be a totally random post!
Things I love, The Crock Pot Ribs Turnout, Pumpkin Patches, etc

I like to occasionally do a list of some current things I'm obsessed with... and it's been a while! So here is what I've got for today... randomness at it's best ;)

I get borderline snobby about two things... shampoo/conditioner & mascara (3 things actually I guess, if you count hair stuff seperately ha).
Those are my two things that I try several different types of, but am super picky about!

My hair has been changing in a MAJOR way over the past year... it has always been super thick, and recently has been thinning and breaking off (so much so I even had to have Whit check my thyroid b/c I was so paranoid!). So I decided to switch up my shampoo/conditioner again and this time went with what trusty ol' Leigh Ann recommended... which were the Pink bottles of Kerastase from Voce. It has helped a LOT! My hair feels so much better and isn't feeling as thin as it was... getting back to normal I think! 
It's a little more pricey, but to me has been worth it. And it smells so good too!  

Now onto the mascara... I am a MAC Pro Lash for life kinda gal... but someone I know who works there told me I should try this False Lashes one... and I am really loving it! I still sometimes go over it with Pro Lash for a more dramatic look or if I want more on for night or something... but I will be using this from now on too! It goes on really good and is super lengthening! Glad I tried it! :)

Couldn't find OPI Black Cherry Chutney at my nail place :( BUT I thought this one looked close enough and got it, and love it! Very fall'ish/holiday'ish and I am really feelin' it! Although every time I get my nails done Chris always comments on how he likes the color ha (so sweet!) and he hasn't done that yet this time, LOL so maybe he isn't so sure about it??

 Speaking of MAC...

If you're not using this brow gel you should be. It's awesome. Period. Love it. Keeps your eyebrows in place really good and doesn't look all gel-y or anything.

My all time favorite lipgloss ... still use it every day... C-Thru. :)

On to more randomness...

Today we had an office meeting to work on our business plans for 2012 (which honestly kind of stressed me out because I hate making business plans!) but I learned about this book and went and picked it up this afternoon and can't wait to start reading it. Dave Ramsey is awesome we all know, but this book is geared towards people who are not employees, people who are their own boss and are self employed... like moi :) So I am happy to see what he has to say and pray I can put it to work in my own life.

Tuesday night for dinner we fixed the crock-pot ribs recipe from This Post...

And they turned out soooooo YUMMY! Chris was obsessed with them. Said he wants to have them again already ha. They were awesome. Fixed them with my Aunt Cathy's asparagus recipe :)

Another current fave of mine is the Pumpkin Patch :)
We actually went twice this past week... on Sunday we went to Boyd's Orchard with church, then on Monday, Chris and I went to Bi-Water for Ava's field trip! Here are some of the pics we got ...

We had such a fun day!
And somehow ended up with all this...

A whole wagon full of pumpkins, gourds, apple cider, rubber snakes for Jake, and some other goodies! :)

Ok Lastly... a couple lovely ladies had asked where my dress was from that I wore to Steph's reception...

I didn't get a full length pic but you can see it pretty good here...Chris took this on his phone so sorry for the brightness! The dress is Tibi and I actually got it at Saks last year on sale :( You might be able to find it online still though? It's real comfy that's why I liked it!

Well that's it for today!

Oh wait, I had a good quote to share too... I stole this from a co-worker's facebook page a couple weeks ago (Thanks Teresa! I am using this more often than I would like to hahaha)...Chris and I laughed when we read it because it is so true!

"Do not argue with an idiot.
They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience every time."

Go ahead and steal that... :) I know you want to! I had one of those encounters today myself and repeated this 3 times under my breath! It worked, I think ;)

Well I am off to finish laundry, do some work on the computer, and clean up a little... really needing some sunshine tomorrow... this blah weather is making me sleepy! I was hoping to have another couple of warm, sunny days to do stuff outside and clean out my car :)

Have a great day tomorrow... TGIF!!

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  1. I'm needing some new mascara, so I think I myst try Mac and that lip gloss too!!

    I love pumpin patches, looks like fun!!!

  2. That nail polish is gorgeous! The dinner looks amazing, and I'm not even sure that I like asparagus,but that looks great! And, that quotes is now on my favorites list! Thanks!

  3. Girl this cold weather is making me sleepy too! I've just wanted to sleep lately! Soooo umm I think I might visit the MAC counter after your post! I want to try that mascara (maybe both types) ;) My hair went through a similar phase a few years back. Basically the dr. concluded it must just be hormonal changes because all my tests were fine. It sucks seeing/feeling your hair become thinner though, boo!


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