Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time for a blog on the shows...

I feel like I haven't talked anything about all my shows in forever!

So I thought this would be a good time to do so :)

WTH has happened to Teresa Guidice??

Every past season I liked her, I thought she was funny and a little crazy but still funny.
This season... my oh my what a different story! She is a lunatic! She thinks she does no wrong, she threw all her friends under the bus in her new cookbook, and she is clearly jealous of Melissa, I don't know why she won't just give it up. I think the relationship she wants/dreams about with her brother is freaky and weird ha. Am I alone on this? I feel bad for Caroline, she has treated her like absolute crap. I am so over Teresa!!!!

Another disappointment from the RHWBH...

I am kinda of annoyed with Kyle, which saddens me so much to say... :( Because I have always loved her and thought she was the most down to earth and is my fave of all the girls! But I feel like she is in denial about Kim her sister, and she is starting to make herself look stupid for covering up for Kim and falling into her little crazy games. She is clearly on something... drugs, pills, alcohol, whatever... she is not normal. And Kyle just makes excuses for her. I know it's her sister, but hells bells she needs help and Kyle needs to help her get a grip, not go to the bathroom with her 500 times hahahaha

Also for the Beverly Hills ladies... I'm so over Brandi!!

Ugh ok we ALL know your husband (who is ugly) left you for Lee Ann Rimes and you're a "single mom"... get over it!!!!! I'm so over the single mom excuse, move ON and get a life! She is ridiculous... and I feel like she is just trying to get attention by always saying negative things about herself... she needs some self esteem bless her heart. She just wants everyone to feel sorry for her and it drives me nuts. But her son peeing on the grass at the Maloof Residence was a little funny I will agree ha however, I do think she should have told her son that wasn't the proper thing to do ;)

Ok now onto this...

I don't know why but I am STILL a little obsessed with Sister Wives.
Something about them I just have to keep watching.
Cody Brown is a mystery to me.. what the heck is his occupation? Now he is "selling real estate" ??
I'm pretty sure selling real estate, in Las Vegas of all places ha, is not supporting 18 kids and 4 wives lol could be wrong, but pretty sure on that one.

My favorite... Rachel Zoe... i.e. I Die, Bananas, Dying, Something just happened here, etc. All my favorite sayings come from her... and just FYI if you don't own any of her clothes, you should, my two favorite faux fur vests for winter are from Rachel's QVC line and I love them :)

Now they are a sweet little family :)  So cute!

How beautiful was she preggo? She gained like 4 lbs. Lucky lady!

Lastly... I thought I would show you my new favorite show... and it's actually one Chris likes too for once

Anybody else watching the Good Wife? Love it. So good!!!!!!! You must watch an episode. You will become addicted!

Sadly enough, these are just a few of the ones that take up space on my DVR... I won't bore you with my absolute favorite show, that I have watched since I could even talk probably, which is the Young & the Restless hahahahaha still DVR it every day... you could miss a year of shows and tune back in and would know what is going on ha. Victor is still the culprit. Go Figure. Is there anyone on the planet, besides your grandmother maybe, that still watches this besides me? LOL

That's it friends :)
What shows are you watching that I am not and need to add to the list??

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  1. Modern Family
    How I Met Your Mother
    Up All Night

  2. I am obsessed with the good wife too! I just started watching this season and it is fab :). Ditto on all the housewive drama.

  3. I need to start the Good Wife... I LOVE me some Chris Noth... Wonder if season 1 is on netflix yet. Hrmmm

  4. I totally agree about Teresa. She was so entirely unlikable this seaason. Fame has definitely gone to her head.

  5. You did not just admit your love for y & r!?!? Where have you been my friend?? I need someone to dish with!!
    Agree-Teresa has lost it I think.. And rhobh is annoying this season-Adrienne and Lisa are my favs. I'm counting down to atl.


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