Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies Galore!

Thank goodness no babies for me if that is what you were thinking haha not right now at least!
But I feel like EVERYONE is preggo these days!! Which is so exciting and I am so happy for all my friends and their great news! What is more fun to buy besides baby clothes??
(ok besides shoes and makeup and purses maybe lol I know that's what yall were thinking right??)

My sweet friend Kelly is expecting a baby boy in December and she looks amazing!! <3

Is she the cutest little preggers girl ever or what?
One round belly and a new cute short haircut, and that's about all that has changed! Lucky lady!
(ignore me, I look uber gross in this pic, was super tired that morning!!)

Sunday was her baby shower/brunch and it was so pretty so I knew you would want to see pics!

It was in the Malones Banquet Room and Kelly's mom had a "Clothes Pin Line" theme which was super cute! All the hostess brought gifts that could be hung on the line to show and for decoration. It was absolutely adorable!

We drank Apple Cider from Boyd's Orchard that was so yummy (must remember to get some for Thanksgiving this year!)

We had a mix of breakfast food and other snacks, but of course the best part was the chocolate fountain! :)

Kelly's mom gave each guest a gift when they left... a caramel apple from Boyd's Orchard with a sweet little thank you note on it! Great idea! Too bad a little girl devoured mine before I could even have one bite when I got home (ahem.. Ava haha)! But she said it was delicious and I am sure it was :)

My gifts to baby Mack (and Kelly of course) were my favorite baby gift... some monogrammed goods! Once you choose a name, it is on to the monogramming IMO so that is what I did.
I ordered from the wonderful Sew Jewel who is local in Lexington but also has PayPal so I am pretty sure she would ship too...?
She can be found on Facebook HERE
You can look at all her awesome work on there and get ideas too :)

Here is how great the stuff turned out that I ordered from her! She did SUCH a great job!!!!

The "Little Brother to the Fur-Kids" Bib is because Kelly & Garrett have two super cute dogs that will be big brother & sister haha :)

I loved the burp cloths!
All of the items she provided and did the monogramming, but I think you can take your own stuff to her also. She was super quick, did a great job, and everyone at the shower thought it was all adorable! I would highly recommend her if you are looking for some great gifts, don't forget Christmas will be right around the corner!!

Kelly her momma, Miss Sharon

Kelly & Chrissy <3

Lindsey & Kelly <3

The Girls!

Now for the cake... that was my duty I'm sure you already guessed that though lol
So this was my third cake from Confused Confections last week, crazy enough, and it was just as good as the others! We mixed it up a little and did Key Lime Cupcakes with Mack's initials on them ... because that is Kelly's favorite! :)

Pretty cute right?
I loved it and so did Kelly and that was what was most important lol
Must get pregnant lady a good yummy cake... mucho important! :)

Speaking of preggo ladies, my friend Emily who is also expecting (who really needs to start a blog especially now that she is expecting, that is on my things to do list to get her to start one lol) found out that they are 90% sure she is having a girl!!! Yayy! So presh!

Seems like just yesterday we were at their wedding :)
Is that the most adorable picture you have ever seen? Obsessed with it.

Can't wait for it to be 99.9% sure it's a girl so she can pick a name!! I won't spill her beans, BUT she's got some super cute, unique names in her back pocket!

Love you Em and so happy and excited for you!! (Bobby too of course) Can't wait to see you soon! <3

Remind me not to drink the water any of my friends are currently drinkin hahaha just sayin'

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  1. I loove the name Mack for a little boy! I also love how they hung the gifts on close pins! So cute! We need to get you going on this wedding/baby bliss, no? haha

  2. I'm pretty sure I want a cake, for any holiday, from this place! They are all so awesome! My birthday is pretty far away....I'll have to invent a need for a cake, haha :)


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