Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend & Pinterest!

Hello friends!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

This was a fun weekend for us, I worked a little, we visited Chris's new baby nephew ....

How cute is he? Love him! SO sweet!
(This pic I made with the Red Stamp app on my iPhone, it's awesome!)

Then we put a little Pinterest to use for Jake and had a BLAST ... take a look... if you have a small boy in your fam you need to try to do this!! It was so easy!

Jake put on his Spiderman outfit for a little extra emphasis LOL ;)

We actually did the entire hallway upstairs so that the girls could do it too down their side of the hallway lol. Just red yarn for the "lasers" and then tape them to the wall with duct tape (both from Hobby Lobby) and then they can crawl through and under and over!! I will admit I got stuck a few times ha, would like to say it was my pony tail... buttttt my backside got stuck a few times too ha! :(

I saw this cute frame on Pinterest too and decided to make them for Chris's sister to take to give her when we went to see Baby Birch :) Such a cute idea!

I just made them on Publisher and then stuck them in frames from Hobby Lobby (50% off now!) and then thought she could put them in their rooms or hang up or whatever :)

I am obsessed with our new warm headbands that I got for me, Ella and Ava... they are super cozy and very chic too if I do say so myself ;)

Model Pic...

I got them from a local Lex friend of mine who does awesome monogramming and I think I have blogged about her before... but you can find her on Facebook HERE and see the link to the headbands and all the other goodies she has (she also did the bib Frankie was modeling in HERE)! LOL

My new shoes came in and I am obsessed with them... not only are they HOT ass pink which I love, they are really comfortable and I am excited to run in them today for the first time :)
I got lots of compliments on them over the weekend... but the best were Ava's 7 yr old BFF and then their cousin who is 4 yrs old lol and then my cousin who is 5yrs old ha. So they seem to be a hit with the younger ladies... must be the pink!

Ordered from they have tons of colors and FREE Shipping!

Now for some Pinterest!! My fave day of the week... and my favorite hobby, PINNING!

Things I am obsessed with..
This bag...

This lace shirt... love it!

Ok basically everything about the pic below.. her hair.. her jacket... and her LV dog carrier! Ha!

And of course these Yorkie cupcakes... dying over them!

For the house...
I know a million people have pinned this but this fridge is literally the most amazing thing I have ever seen, what would you do to have a fridge like this? ha!

I love this below.. zebra chairs with the hot pink pillows, and the elephant pic. Looks so good!

This office is great with the chalk board wall... and I love the way it looks, however, sometimes she messy chalk looks makes my OCD really bad so not sure I could handle it every day ;)

Since Valentine's Day is creeping up here are some ideas I have found ...

"All About You Basket" so cute, kind of like a stocking I think.. and you know I love stockings!! :)

 Cell phone Valentines ha very clever. Ella is wanting to make these for her friends, they look semi easy and we found the candy buttons last night at Cracker Barrel :)

For the healthy people :) Apples and Oranges for V-Day! Free Printable Stickers to just stick right on!

For all my preggo friends.. this is an adorable idea!

Would be so easy just get a cute chalkboard, or have someone paint one for ya! Love this.

Now, because everyone needs a good laugh on Mondays... :) These are for you!

Hahahahahahahhahaha!  Dressed up for Wal Mart literally can't handle that!

This is so me, and I think it is hysterical!

And I can.not.wait. to see this movie....

HAHAHAHAHA! Just sayin' people, just sayin' ... do love me some Channing Tatum!
(sorry babe! ;)

Happy Monday Ladies!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday News

I have lots of new news for this Thursday :)

Most importantly... Chris and I have a new nephew!! His sister had her baby on Tuesday,
a sweet baby boy... little baby Birch (I love that his initials will be BB for some reason haha kind of like my cute Godson who is CC!)  ... he was a little under 8lbs.

We haven't gotten to see him yet, both had to work a lot this week, so I am excited to go see him this weekend and take him some little goodies! :) So happy for them! His big brother, Jack, who is 1 and will be two this summer, is obsessed with vacuums! Literally obsessed. For Christmas we got him a little sweeping set with a broom and I'm pretty sure it was a hit ;) So when getting some stuff for the new baby, I realized we needed to get Jack a fun "Big Brother" present too...  and I found this...

A kid's Dyson Vacuum!!! I know... how cute is that?? It actually is Dyson, says it on there and everything! Spins and rotates, actually sucks up a little bit too, and has little popping colored balls in there also! I literally died when I saw this at a client's house and knew I had to get it for Jack!
How fun is that?!? :)

Speaking of babies... my sweet friend Emily's shower is coming up soon ... so I have ordered some cute little things that I will share after the shower because I want them to be a surprise ha BUT I did get some cute monogrammed things that came in today and I was dying to show her something so I thought a bib would be appropriate and I had to have a model...


Ta-Da! LOL He is a multi-versatile model ;)
But he was not having this what so ever... would not even look at me or the camera... (as you can tell) and barely looked out of the corner of his eye just to let me know he was pissed. Ha.

But how cute is the bib? Can't wait for baby Lila to get here!

More news... Ella is OBSESSED with her Marley Lily monogrammed purse and since she has now seen it I can show it to you ..

Don't you love the teal (looks blue in the pic but it's really more of a teal IRL) and the block letters?
 I think it turned out so cute!
She wanted to pick the color and style and everything, and she did a great job!

I know this may be boring for those of you not in Lex... BUT for those of you who are, please keep this new listing in mind if you have a friend, or co-worker, or someone looking for a house! You never know who may be looking to buy :) And this one is adorable!

It has a 1st Floor Master Bedroom which is very desirable, New Roof, New Windows, New Flooring, New Light Fixtures... too much to name! Located off Tates Creek Rd close to Hartland Kroger!
If you would like more info or know someone you think might like it feel free to email me or 
CLICK HERE for the link to the MLS :)

Lastly, we are thinking of going to NYC for Spring Break in a few months...

We have never been, and I think it would be something fun and different to do... and am getting kind of majorly excited thinking about it!
If anyone has any tips, places we must go, things to do for us and the kids, anything you can think of.. PLEASE SHARE! I am googling and talking to people and feeling overwhelmed that there is so much to do there!!!

Here is a bit of what I've found so far that we would like to do...

1. Of course we would want to take the boat and go see the Statue of Liberty
(I've heard you have to order tickets in advance and it's a big production, anyone been?)

2. I FOR SURE want to visit Ground Zero and the Memorials
(also heard you must register in advance? can't just show up?)

3. We would love to find a Broadway show that would be enjoyable for us and the kids ??

4. Museum of National History looks awesome, Chris is dying to go here!

5. Toys R Us - this is a no brainer, the kids will love it, there is a ferris wheel inside the store!

6. Dylan's Candy Bar - This is a must on my list :) Heard it is unbelievable!!

7. Central Park - I think it might be too warm in April to go ice skating? But we will see :)

8. FOA Schwarz - This would be a must, lol

9. The Eloise Suite at the Plaza Hotel - Chris is realllly wanting to take the girls here, they have talked about it several times and we feel like if we go to NYC we have to go have tea with Miss Eloise ha ;)

That is a LOT of tourism... and I know there is TONS more to do (I haven't even mentioned places to shop, that could be an entire post on its own!!) ... if you have any suggestions please comment!!

Happy Thursday!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest!! & Randoms! :)

Before I share my fave Pinterest picks of the week, I have several things from the weekend to share :)

First... look what came in the mail finallllllly! :) So excited!

My Marley Lily Monogrammed Clutch! I love it, it is really cute and will be so perfect for football games, shopping, trips, etc. Cross body clutch, but large enough for the "must haves": phone, lipgloss, wallet, gum and hand sanitizer! Probably a little more too. Ella wanted one too and hers turned out super cute, but I will wait to post a pic until she can see it (she hasn't yet!) ha.

Next up... Frankie was the object of "Show & Tell" for the elementary school on Friday :)
It was adorable...

He sat there like such a good boy! All the kids were dying..
One little boy said, "Is it a boy or girl?"
Ella: "He's a boy, his name is Frankie"
Boy: "Then why does he have a diamond necklace on?"
Ella: "Oh it's his collar, and it's blue, and Dana likes for him to wear these, he has like 5 of them"
Chris and I were dying. Yes he is a boy and yes he does wear BB Simon Collars... they are unisex ha. And he looks handsome in them!!

I found something new I am lusting over majorly... at Dillards... this new black Michael Kors watch...

It has more of a rubbery band so its kind of casual ... it's so cute!!! Looked really cute on too :)

Ok this is major... remember when I showed these earrings last week from Pinterest?
Well my mom read that bloggy post and then sent me a text saying I had those earrings when I was a baby that she got for me, with a matching necklace and little gold baby bracelet :)
(Some things never change, I liked to wear the monogrammed bling as an infant too haha)
So she brought them over... they are so teeny tiny but look how cute...

So cute, I am so glad she saved them!
Either monogrammed jewelry never goes out of style, or I've now been alive long enough to see it come back! lol

Ok now I have a hair pic... I can not STAND for my hair to be in my face, if I don't have a bobby pin around at all times I freak out. BUT, I thought for one day I would try to just down, not pinned back, and I thought it looked pretty good .. however, it only lasted until noon at lunch when the bobby pin had to go in!

Maybe I need a stronger hair spray?!? If it would just stay out of my face I could handle it!!

I have an awesome new app to share, but I can't take credit for it... my friend Kelly sent me a text with this cute pic the other day...

Ummm is that the cutest thing you have ever seen?
I was dying!!
The app is called Red Stamp ... and the best part is it is FREE! You can take a pic from your phone and create cards, invitations, announcements, calendars, it's basically pretty amazing and if you don't already have it you need to go download it! I can't wait to play around with it! So fun!! Thanks Kel!!

Now for a little Pinterest...

How great of an idea is that? A painting of your baby puppy? I want one of these of Frankie :)

You know my kitchen obsession...well this one has TWO islands! So fabulous!

These boots are so great! Love them with some skinny jeans!

I have been looking for some new tennis shoes and I found these and ordered them yesterday. Chris has these for guys in two different colors and he says they are so comfortable! I can't wait to get them!

This is by far the CUTEST pregnancy photo pic I have ever seen... it is so adorable! <3

Another reason I love Mason Dash Disnik ... I mean so cute! I don't know what's cuter the sunglasses or the Burberry sweater lol ? dying.

HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE if you were still a kid??
I am going to do this for Jake this weekend... I can see it now, he will have Batman & everybody out there crawling through the maze lol.

I literally do this every.single.time I write that word! lol

Love that. So true.

Hahahahah this is great! I love it!!

That's all for today! I am beat and still have to put a cute new house I listed today on the MLS :)
Will post pics this week for the Lexington people who may know somebody looking ;)

Don't forget to take a look at my Blog Sale from the weekend, I still have some great things left!


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