Monday, October 10, 2011

A Celebrity Style Birthday!

Well we did it ...
Ella & Ava turn 9 & 7 this week, and weeks ago they started asking me what kind of party they could have! It is so funny how into they get, and how good they were at helping with ideas and putting everything together! Made me smile :)

A Celeb Style Theme it was! Endless possibilities of how cute this could be. This year I was very budget friendly and ordered most everything online for silly cheap! We made lots of things instead of buying them, and believe it or not, it turned out adorable and they had the best time!

I can't link where everything came from, I'm sorry! But if you have a question on something just email me and I will get you the answer!!

You can't have a Hollywood Party without a Red Carpet ... and of course, a Step & Repeat! Which is what we turned our garage door and driveway into...

Of course you need a life size Justin Bieber on the Red Carpet also! Especially since we had a few Selena Gomez's show up ha

We printed 8x10 photos of all the "stars" that were coming (if you have a Sam's Club card you can print 8x10's for like $1.40 each, wayyy cheaper than Target or Walmart FYI)!

We had some very "Award Show" decorations ha

Made little goodie bags with thank you tags

Found the BIG Hollywood signs at the Party Store here in town, loved them!
(excuse all the cords, with the speakers and whatnot there were cords everywhere)

We moved the coffee table, scooted the sofa back, and Chris set up a little DJ area :) Speakers and all! The kids made a playlist on iTunes and then "requested" songs throughout the night too... and let me tell you what... you have never seen so many little kids doing the Cupid Shuffle in your life! It was HYSTERICAL! I loved it! Pretty sure there were a couple of us adults (ahem Heather and myself ha) who wanted to jump in and start doing it with them! :)

We had some Hollywood glasses for everyone to put on!
And since it was kind of a dress up party, we had name tags too for everyone's "celeb" names :)

I'm pretty sure we had 5 Taylor Swifts! Which lead to guitars all over the house hahahaha

I wish I could show all the pics from the kids dressed up, but since I'm not really trying to get sued by the parents lol I will show you a few of the ones I know won't care ;)

Umm they rocked it! Pretty sure they won best dressed haha! So cute!!

**Note that everyone wore their VIP passes!** They were a huge hit!

Selena and Justin... aww cute couple! lol

Mimi had to have a pic with JB too... she was Cruella Devill (sp?) from 101 Dalmatians! Such a cute costume, the kids all loved it!!

Now onto the best part... the CAKE!!

Drumroll Please....

Are you dying??? Isn't it so amazing??

I know what you're thinking... it was a million dollars... well sorry friends but you're wrong! :)
Confused Confections is seriously the BEST, they look amaze, taste amaze, and they are very reasonable on pricing! I have priced cakes other places before I found them and they were literally 1/3 the price of other local places! You HAVE to try them if you haven't already, you will fall in love :)
The girls there are so sweet too!

The kids pretty much all said it was the best party yet!
They danced and danced, walked the red carpet, posed for pics, played on the trampoline, ate dinner, cake, Popsicles, the whole 9 yards ha!

Yesterday we let the girls open presents from us (the party was too much chaos if you can imagine ha)

Amongst other fun things like Doodle Bears, Necklaces, Books and UGGS ha I think their favorite gift were the horse riding lessons we got them ... with the cute riding pants and boots, which they immediately had to change into and see how they looked :)

They didn't have gift certificates so we had to make our own ... but they turned out fun!

Today is Ella's 9th Birthday!
We made 30 Strawberry Shortcakes for her to take to school today for a bday treat :)

 Happy Birthday sweet girl! Love ~ D&D xoxo <3
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  1. Seriously. I'm jealous of this birthday party! How fun it looked! Once again the cake was fabulous. Mini Taylor Swift was ADORABLE!!!! You had such great ideas :) I believe that was a success.

  2. WOW! This is, by far, one of the coolest birthday parties I've ever seen! You thought of every little detail!!! That cake is unbelievable too! So sad I couldn't make it ;)

  3. Um, I'm pretty sure I saw mini Taylor Swift and Selena getting ready in the Tates Creek Center parking lot Saturday night! My husband spotted them and made some comment as if that was their normal attire. Small world!

  4. Hands down, best birthday party ever. Plan my 25th?! Haha!

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