Thursday, October 13, 2011

A little Shaker Retreat

My wonderful office, RE/MAX Creative Realty, had an overnight retreat this week at Shakertown Village... why you ask?

Well because we are #1 of course! :)

And we wanted to learn from the best, to keep going strong in this market!
I am so thankful to be at an office that is #1!
Just in case anyone should stumble across this little bloggy and is in the market for a Realtor, here is what I am talking about... (Oh, and call me, lol)

RE/MAX Agents Are:
#1 in Customer Satisfaction for buyers and sellers!

#1 in number of years of experience!

#1 in years of training per associate

#1 in giving back to the community ... AND

RE/MAX Creative Realty is:
#1 RE/MAX Office in Central KY

#1 Office in Production per Agent in Lexington! :)

Hence... our NEW LOGO...

Super Cute right?

Anyway... I knew when this little mini vaca involved me picking up BFF/Assistant, Emily, and then driving us to Shakertown, that it would be an experience to remember... and of course it proved true.

We got lost on the way there, my GPS took us basically to the middle of nowhere and ended our destination in the smack middle of a road.

Emily's phone got us lost too...
See that little blue dot? That was us ha. Off the beaten path to say the least.
No lies people.

I pull into the nearest public place, which happened to be called "Pioneer Market" to get directions and what do we see upon arrival?

Two horse & buggys trotting right up to the gas station
(for what, youre thinking? so were we... not like they needed a fill up or anything??)

So from this point forward, we themed this little trip our "Oregon Trail Experience"

Do you remember that game???

LOL surely you do!

If you don't I will refresh your memory... you make a little family, pick a buggy and travel down a path to the Oregon Trail and hope your whole family doesn't die off from some crazy disease!
FYI it is available on iTunes and you will be addicted if you download it now!

Anywho... Emily and I would only diagnose ourselves with "old timey" illnesses for the rest of the trip, her idea, gosh I love her lol so we ended up coming up with Typhoid Fever, Dysentery & Scarlett Fever hahahahaha ;)

Once we finally arrived this was our humble abode for the night

Very Shaker-esque don't you agree?

The beds were memory foam so that was great! :)

Emily couldn't resist testing them out ha.

We even had our very own rocking chairs! Which pretty much just held our luggage because we weren't able to rock in them for fear we would break them! haha.

Emily and I were off to find some sort of way to entertain ourselves before dinner and this is what we found...

hahahahaha this is a framer! ;)
(pretty sure my hat is the best part)

We had an awesome speaker, Judy LaDeur, she was so motivating and amazing!
I got some wonderful ideas!

I can't wait to start doing some of the great things I learned over those 24 hours!
Despite having no cell service or WiFi (which almost killed me ha) we had a great time and got so many ideas to help my business grow! I can't wait!!

One of the most important things I took away from the trip was that putting goals and thoughts onto paper, is a very powerful thing... and makes them so much more capable of coming true! I made a list of 10 Life Goals ... and maybe if I get brave one day I will share with you ha... but in the meantime, I am off to go work and start making them come true :)

Oh, and.... most importantly, my scratch off ticket that they gave all of the Realtors when we were leaving... was a winner! $6.00 WOOHOO! :)

PS. Today is Ava's Birthday!!
 We enjoyed about two hours worth of "Daddy Town" which you may know as Gatti Town ha, last night... and then for breakfast this morning Chris told her he would fix anything she wanted... to which she replied "a toaster strudel w/ a candle on top!" hahah no eggs, bacon, biscuits, pancakes, nope... just a strudel! So funny.

Cute little face! So Presh! Love her!

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  1. I no longer trust google maps after being in KY and using it! I had to go from Louisville to Campbellsville for work, and I got lost! I think that it's just the service in those hills! ha! And I would pick a strudel over a big breakfast too! Who doesn't love icing?! :)

  2. I'm with Cassie, however my TomTom DID get me lost in the hood of Bryan Station one time! Uhmmm yah haha. I actually never found my destination that day, I was perfectly fine with assuming the people of that land more than likely burnt the mother down. I got aggravated and went to Hamburg! haha! Annnd Happy Birthday to Ms. Ava! What a be able to eat a strudel and not count the carbs, sugar, and calories....

  3. Judging by the iPhone and Emily were going to have to "ford the river" (to reference ol' Oregon Trail...loved that game) if you wanted to get to Shakertown. Thank goodness for the Pioneer Market, ha! A strudel for birthday breakfast...yum :)

  4. Ok I have to know what type of luggage do you have? Also which LV bag is it? I am in the market for one.


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