Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Every Party Needs a Cake...

Saying that I like to plan a party is a major understatement.... I live for planning for a party, I make excuses to come up with a way to have a party, and if I am being totally honest, since I have started this blog world, I have been thinking of when the next party will be that I can throw just so that I can blog about it! It's just so fun for me to plan something, put it together, think of all the cute little fun details that make it different, and then watch it come together and see how happy and fun it is for everyone, especially whoever the lucky person deserving the party at that time is! :) 
With that said... several people have seen some of the cakes I have made, I mean bought lol (yea right I wish I could make cakes like these!) and have asked me numerous times where all the great cakes have come from!! So I wanted to share some of them with you...from the absolute BEST cake place in Lexington... Confused Confections Bakehouse , visit their facebook fanpage to see loads more pics and ideas for your next party! Their cakes not only look fab, but taste wonderful too! You will not be let down, I can promise you that I never have! And the cake is usually the hit of the party!
This was the first cake I ever got from them .... and how could I have not gone back after this masterpiece? Wow! I was blown away! This was for Jake's 3rd Bday party which obviously was "Super Hero" themed with his 3 faves... Batman, Superman & Spiderman and boy was it a HIT! I gave her an idea of what I wanted and they exceeded my expectations! Each layer was a different flavor and it was so yummy! I know you will ask, either think I'm crazy or not lol but I believe it was $120 ? Which in my opinion was not a bad price considering when I priced it at Caramanda's it was over $300! Um... no thank you.
Next I was helping plan a bridal shower for Lisa, Chris's sister, who wanted to be surprised with knowing if the baby was going to be a boy or girl ... so the party planning had to be a bit more creative since no pink or blue...
I was in charge of the cake, yay, so this is what I brought.... how cute is this? Another awesome job they did! A Pea in a Pod! :) Totally unisex and so flippin cute! The body & head were made from rice krispy balls, the bottom huge part was all cake. Everyone loved it! :)
I think next, we held Connor's 1st Birthday party at the house... Chrissy did a wonderful job of planning it, a clown and all...great food, great time! I wanted to get the cake for him, Chrissy & I collaborated on what she wanted and this is what we ended with... cutest thing ever....
Of course we couldn't pass up the little matching "smash cake" especially just for Connor! They did a fantastic job, yet again, so by the third cake, needless to say I became their #1 FAN!
PS. this is the after-math of the smash cake, lived up to its name haha
My dear little friend Kelly was engaged, woohoo, whats next but a shower of course? Who wanted to be in chrarge of the cake? ME! Pick ME! I've got it down pat now... I am the cake bringer-er to any party!

Another yummy, beautiful creation! Yay for the now Mrs. Isaccs!
Sadly (because it's been almost 5 months w/ no party!), the last big party I threw was for Ella & Ava's birthday in October which was right before Halloween... so they decided to have a costume party. I wanted this one to be the best yet, and I think it was...
AHHH i loved loved loved it! So perfect! Obsessed. We even added their own little cakes too ...
So they could have something to blow out on their own for their special days!
So cute! They loved it!

Now I am dreaming of when my next cake purchase/party planning date will be... and I am thinking maybe my brother's 21st birthday in April... this could be a crazy cake LOL watch out!

Happy Party Planning! :)
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  1. OMG these are amazing... I have never heard of this place?? How do people do that! You are so precious!

  2. I have a vision....Bunco cake!!!


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