Sunday, November 6, 2011


That is how I have felt since last Monday!!
In case you noticed I have been MIA lately, and it was NOT by choice!!
My laptop got sick! I'm talking real sick... like swine flu sick ha!
I was googling one night about Kim Kardashian and her dang 72 days married and now filing for divorce drama, and all of the sudden my computer crashed! Terrible! I'm talking about crazy virus's like nothing you've ever seen... a British women's voice would randomly come on my laptop talking about Kim & Kris's wedding and then a comedian would talk Tiger Woods jokes... all while no pop ups or screens up or anything, just crazy talking like something out of the Exorcist.
Thank goodness all my stuff was restored and not lost because I had several things I hadn't backed up in a while... but it was 5 days in and out of the computer doctor ha and to be totally honest she is still not working great :( Voices have come on twice while typing this ha but I am hoping it will go away... maybe tomorrow I will try to take it somewhere else to get fixed ?? 
 So anyway, I am back now :) And lots has happened...
You've missed Frankie's Halloween Costumes :(

First he was a Shark ;)
But then he wouldn't walk one single step in this outfit haha he was totally frozen!
So I felt sorry for him and switched to this...

Which just wasn't fitting because he in an angel not a devil ;)

So we ended up passing out candy just in his Halloween bejewled shirt lol

Which everyone commented on so ended up ok!

I never got to show off my cute pumpkins that I finally spray painted with the glitter spray paint!!
They don't really looks glittery in this picture, but IRL they are! Love that glitter spray paint, surely at Christmas I will come up with something to use it on again ha!

Frankie got a haircut...

This pic looks like he is in jail bless his heart, but really it was just behind the gate.  

An "After" Pic
With no eyebrows :( I think she got scissor happy a little.

I took the girls to get their nails done and Ava got a new fun color that I am now obsessed with... especially for the Holidays it will be pretty!

(I had her hold the bottle like they do on Pinterest ha and she was cracking up!)

Isn't that fun?
It was the OPI "Color so hot is berns" on the bottom and then the NEW Miss Piggy line, OPI "Gettin' Miss Piggy With It" on top :)
Love the name! It's so pretty too!

Speaking of Pinterest... we did a Thanksgiving activity from Pinterest this weekend with their cousins... it was so fun and they turned out awesome!
It was Thanksgiving Trees...

They traced and cut out their hand prints on fall like colors, I drew out the brown tree trunk and limbs...
then on each hand they wrote things they were thankful for, then we glues them on the tree limbs, and then just for fun glued some feathers on the bottom... and Tada! there they were! Cute Thankful Trees :)

Ella & Ava had their first Horse Riding Lesson and it was sooo cute!!
Could not have been a more beautiful day for it either...
Of course we took a million pictures but here are a few cute ones (Cathi I will make you copies;)

Getting ready to go!

A tad shocked at horse poo haha

I love this picture. Ava was watching so closely while Ella went first ;)

Ella road "Chickie" she was a sweet girl.

She did such a good job for her first time!

Ava was on "Fox" and she was such a natural... her posture was perfect! She wasn't even scared a bit!

Such a beautiful day!!

Jake and I enjoyed watching while Chris video taped them :)
Such a fun time!
Then we were off to watch the CATS play!

So tomorrow I have two weeks worth of Pinterest to share and lottttsss of cute things because without having my computer for a week, I am been on Pinterest nonstop on my phone at night out of complete boredom! Not having my computer was so hard... besides not being able to do hardly ANY work and now feeling like I have a million things to do... I didn't get to catch up on any of your alls blogs either!!

So now I am off to do that :)
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