Thursday, September 1, 2011

M.I.A I know :(

Hello Hello Hello! I have been totally MIA since last week and I apologize... things have been craazzzyyy hectic with me! I was in TN last weekend for my friend, Whitney's bachey party and from the second I got home on Sunday I have literally gone non-stop! Working like crazy, but happy to be busy :)

I missed my Pintertesting Monday :( So sad. I haven't had a single second to do my nightly sightings on Pinterest and I must admit, I feel a little like a crackhead going through withdrawls ha. Isn't that sad?

I have so many pictures to share from last weekend... but here are a few of my faves...

My favorite picture of the entire weekend right here :) Yes that's a cowboy hat with a veil too :)

Whitney & Lesli :)
Dinner at the Brewery... so yummy!

We stayed in Whitney's future inlaws lake house and it was so pretty! Loved it!
(We forgave the fact they had a Tennessee flag flying and the entire basement was in TN decor lol)
#BBN lol

We had a great weekend, so relaxing, nothing crazy, but fun to get away with the girls and hang out!

Now speaking of BBN (Big Blue Nation for all you non-KY folks), I am headed out to the door to....

Nashville Baby!
Can't wait ... so excited! We will only be there one night, going down to support our CATS!

We will be on a bus with some friends I work with on the way down and then hanging out until its game time!
Can't wait to share some pics :)

Have a great Thursday!
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  1. How fun..have a great weekend!!! You look so pretty in those pictures..I adore that necklace on you with your hair and eyes! gorg!

  2. I am in Nashville and wish I was going to the game, but I will be cheering on the BBN from home and working a bit. Here's to the BLUE taking the W back to KY.

  3. haha omg what a fun weekend girl :) love the pics! so glad i just came across your blog because its super cute!


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