Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nashville Night

Happy Labor Day Weekend!! Does this mean Fall is right around the corner?? I think so friends! Woohoo!!
Before I share my fun-filled night in Nashville I have two important things to share:

#1... Louis 911
Last weekend I had a HUGE ill feeling when I was cleaning out my purse and got a faint smell of nail polish, and once I got to the bottom of the 30 lbs of junk I've been carrying around on my shoulder, I found this...

OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" ...
Opened himself right on up and somehow spilled out in the bottom of my purse, and the bottle was STUCK to the inside. No lie. Literally I had to pull with all my strength and it was such a a mess. I am thinking it melted and then dried so it was hard as a rock, but still sticky!

I was in such a rush to leave for out of town that I just cleaned off all the things in my purse, removed the bottle and trashed it (so sad, this is one of my favorite fall colors) and then had a great idea for a quick fix
A large body band-aid over the mess!
Haha! Genius I know ;)
One problem... a week later it's still there covering the mess, because I have no clue how I should clean this?!?! Any suggestions? Help!

#2... Gel Nails
However, speaking of nails, real quick, I tried to the famous "gel" nail polish this last week before we left for Nashvegas and I must say I LOVE it! It stays so shiny, and so far no chips at all! Way worth the extra $8 in case anyone has been on the fence with it. My only issue is at the nail place I go to, they only have a handful of colors :( But they did have a dark finally this time and I loved it! Will for sure be getting this from now on!

Now, on to our mini over night trip...
Last night was the UK vs Western game in Nashville and we were invited to go with some friends I work with and had SUCH a blast!
Yesterday we woke up at 6am so I knew it was going to be a long day... but no complaining... I got my game face ready and we went to Nashvegas! My fave place!

We totally traveled in style... on Coach Cal's Bus (no he wasn't on there lol it was rented)
Now this may come as a shock to you lol but on the way down there I played Poker. Yes, Poker, as in the card game... Texas Hold' Em and Omaha to be exact... and not gonna lie, I kind of dominated when we started...
 (Kinda blurry sorry, the bus was moving, so hard to take pics!)
But after we switched tables and players, I lost my swag and ended up losing a few bills :(
But I am not one for sore losers lol so I will say, I still had a blast! So fun!
Hanging out on the bus
(again with the blurry ugh, dang bus)
We went to tailgate at the stadium before the game...
Those Titans have a pretty nice stadium! It helped that we were in the club section so we got to go inside in the AC when it got too hot.
Before the game, hanging out at the bus!
Our tickets were right on the 50 yard line, they were pretty awesome!
Chris and I at the game <3
My favorite thing about Nashville is going out. The bars downtown are just so much fun. I have never been to Nashville and not had a great time! To people that haven't been, I describe it as this... at 4am you are walking from bar to bar and you literally feel like its 9pm because there are people everywhere you look lol. Everytime I go to Nashville I always lose a sense of time. Of course it doesn't help that the time zone is different, ha, always screws me up!
This picture is themed "You know You're in Nashville When..."
The next morning you have a million stamps on your hand lol
And these are a few of my favorite spots...

We had such a great time! Can't wait to go back again soon!
For those of you who have never been to Nashville, put it on your Bucket List and go! You won't regret it!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Today I will be cleaning house, doing laundry and relaxing a little.
Tomorrow is Chris's parent's wedding... well, when I say wedding I mean...It is their 40th Anniversary so they are renewing their vowels at the church they got married at 40 years ago! Isn't that so great? I can't wait to go and celebrate with them! I'm sure I will have lots of pics to share tomorrow!
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  1. Oh no... Poor Louis!

    I love that color.. Do you remember the name?

    Looks like a great trip!


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