Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!

This is NO secret...
I LOVE Fall!
Love every single thing about it!!
 (With one small exception, that it does mean Winter is right around the corner which borderline makes me depressed!)

However... other than that.... Fall is totally my favorite season!!

And here are a few reasons why... :)
(In no particular order)

Time to burn Fall-Like Candles!!! Yes!
My two favorite Yankees... Autumn Leaves and Harvest... Immediately makes me feel excited to smell these!
I have heard that Bath and Body Works has some amazing ones right now too, guess I will be trying those also! 

I have SUCH an obsession with Mums! And not ordinary, plain ol' mums... BIG HUGE YELLOW MUMS just like this pic! I can't wait to get new ones and put them outside this year! It is of my favorite things to do!

I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch... anyone really.. this is Evan's Orchard in the pics, but just any pumpkin patch will do :) So much fun! It's fun to take the kids... and I love picking out pumpkins and decorations!
This means tailgates, and chili, and cornhole, and tailgating, and some more tailgating! :)
Nothing like an afternoon football game when the sun is shining but you can wear jeans and boots and a cute shirt to the game! (maybe a blanket for the chilly nights)
Refer to my polyvore creation below from previous post, for my fave tailgate outfit for the season... Cup and all

Kentucky Football Tailgating!

Kentucky Football Tailgating! by danagentry featuring circular scarves

Next up...

Starbucks Hot Chocolate!! Yumm!! My fave!!

Fall also means... time to bust out my favorite accessory... scarves!!!
Several people asked where my blue scarf is from that I wear to the UK games... the brand is Love Quotes... it is my absolute favorite scarf I own...I wear it ALL the time... it comes in a million colors! I got mine at Voce Boutique on Clay Ave wear I get my hair did. Got it last year but I know they have some now, and I am itching for more colors... like the teal above, love that one! Also black, grey, tan, ha basically all of them!

Time to also bust out my favorite shoes... UGGS!
Wear them all the time in the Fall/Winter... to work, to appts, to show houses, don't really care if they aren't fancy (sorry potential clients ha) but they are warm and cozy and comfortable, and I love them.
The above pair are the new leather ones they came out with last year... and I am slowly hinting to a certain person who's initials are CJ and lives in the same house as me :) But I am lusting over the above boots major!
Fall TV is absolutely the BEST! Desperate Housewives, Grey's, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, blah blah! We know my DVR is working full time in the Fall :)
Lastly, we have lots of birthdays in the Fall... Chris, Ella, Ava, Myself, and I know there are more! So we are constantly planning and having parties, which I loooovvvee!
This weekend I will post what I've got going so far for Ella & Ava's Celebrity Style Birthday Party!!
But here is a sneak peak at the invitation...
Brace Yourself... :)
Ordered from this etsy user, Postcard Creations
They were sooo great to work with, she changed the girl's hair color to match theirs in real life for me... and was super quick to respond. These are the cutest invites I've done yet AND they are the cheapest! You buy the image from the etsy user for only $12.95 then you can print them on cardstock or photo paper from your home, office, or go to Kinkos and they will do it there. This etsy user has all kinds of party invitations... SO Cute!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful FALL day :)
I will be working, cleaning house, going to the grocery, getting a spray tan and my nails done, and getting ready for the wedding festivities of my friend Whitney! Can't wait to see how pretty she looks!!!
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  1. love your outfit pretty girl, so you! xoxo those invites are super presh!

  2. 2 things, you failed to mention I am one of your dates for the wedding, and I am sorry to tell you that Brothers & Sisters was cancelled. Try not to jump off a cliff.

  3. Your outfit is adorable. All you KY girls dress so cute on gamdays. Jess from Kentucky Priss is visiting me next weekend and she went to KY!

  4. I am just getting into the mum phase..I think I might have to pull my impatients and replace them with these..

  5. OMG- the invitations! So cute!

    Fall is my hands-down favorite season! My collection of pumpkin scented candles is out of control...

  6. OMG I LOVE THOSE INVITES. SO ADORABLE!! I love fall too. Its my favorite time of year! I used to love yankee candle's until I started making my own. and I have to say I think mine smell better lol. have a great weekend :)

  7. Your scarves are always so cute, well you are always cute. How much are they?


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