Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Recap and Some Pinterest too!

 So I am seriously slacking on my Pinteresting Mondays! I might as well change it to Tuesdays, lol
I need to get with the program but Mondays are just crazy busy for me usually!
This weekend was the UK vs. UL game at home and we went to tailgate and then enjoyed the game (until it got freezing cold, I even had a blanket but the college girl who was sitting next to me who didn't get the memo that is was going to be freezing, was wearing a tank top and black dress shorts and high heels... ha I almost had to laugh, but instead, I decided to do unto others and I let her share my blanket ha. Anyway... the game was extremely frustrating, we sucked basically... but at least I got to hang out with Chris and have fun and watch!

Look at this little prego pretty lady I stumbled upon while buying a hot dog :)

How cute is my friend Kelly from Three's Company, check out her blog she has some great give-aways and fun ideas on new products too! Such a cute little preggo girl ha. She is expecting a sweet baby boy in December... who is going to have an even cuter name... Mack Ellis? How cute is that? Love it!
(Sorry the pic is blurry, my boyfriend was trying to be so bad ass and talk smack to a 7ft tall Louisville bball player who walked by at this exact second so I think poor Garrett was in a hurry to snap the pic before we found ourselves in the middle of a brawl ha! Classy I know!)

Yesterday I decided it was time to do a deep clean of my house. Picture an episode of hoarders (not that bad but it felt like it to me) and me going through drawers, cabinets, closets, nightstands, etc ha. It took me 6 hours but afterwards I felt great! The best part... look what I found cleaning out a drawer...

I had out the girls teeth in plastic bags for Chris to save, and when Frankie was a baby I found a couple of his little baby teeth around the house, but his first baby tooth fell out in the bed lol and I had saved it. When I was cleaning out the drawer I found them all folded up together and unwrapped Ella's, then Ava's then Frankie's and was dying laughing by myself... is that a problem that my dog is literally like a child??
I think not... if you think differently, don't tell me! Ha! ;)
Today I worked and then ran in Hobby Lobby for a sec to look for a couple things for the girls birthday party (that is a seperate post to come this week, they have chose a "Celebrity Style Theme" and its a doosy let me tell you what!) but I ended up running into 3 different people I know, so not only was I there for almost 3 hours, but I did score several things... almost ALL were 50% off! Gosh I love Hobby Lobby!!
Just this one picture pretty much sums up my love for this store...
Look at all this new cute Christmas stuff? Dying!!!!
While there, I ran into my friend, Maegan, and finally got to see this soooo sweet little baby in real life...
How cute is he??

This is Maegan and her husband...
I stalk follow her blog along with many others, lol, and always look at his adorable pictures and all of her SUPER cute ideas and parties! She is such a sweet person, such a woman of God! You should right this second go over and take a look at her blog and become a follower!! Waltz With Us .... you will love it, especially if you have a young baby or are expecting. She has some great ideas!

Yesterday I got linked up over at bnfunky.org on Brooke's Blog for Oh, How Pinteresting Mondays!
Her blog is super cute and she posted some great Pinterest ideas!

Here are a few of mine... a day late of course... ;)

Dying over this Michael Kors Watch! Love it!

Look at these cute gifts for neighbors, clients, etc. I love them they are adorable! It is Gumballs, in Mason Jars with the lids spray painted red and tagged. And the tag says "Blowing you Wishing this Holiday Season!"
Love these!

For Halloween goodies you could do these...
Homemade Smores Packs...

With Ghost Peeps for the marshmellows! So cute!

People are always asking me good grey and greyish paint colors... I found this and thought it would be nice to share. I have used the Perfect Griege from Sherwin Williams in a model before and liked it a lot!

This is cute for a chic key hanger!

Love this gold smokey eye! So pretty! Maybe I will try it for Whitney's wedding on Friday night :)  
This reminds me of my Mamaw, this was one of her favorite songs. Love it. Wish I had this sign! Gave me chillbumps when I saw it.

 I think I pinned this before... but didnt have the link to the website, and I found it again!
Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili
HERE IS THE LINK for the recipe!
I am going to try it this weekend I think for the game! :) I will let you know how it turns out!!
Anything in the crockpot is usually great!

That's it for today!!
Will do the girls bday party ideas I have this week too and I need yall's help on some more ideas :) 

(PS. I am too tired to proof read and spell check lol so sorry for any mistakes!!)

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  1. You are the sweetest!!! I LOVED running into you today. Not sure how you keep getting prettier and prettier!! :) I'm so glad you got to meet Collins too. I love how God crossed our paths today!

  2. love those Ghost Peeps little favors -- adorable!! thinking i might have to have a party just to give those out!! ;) also can't wait to try that yummy crock pot recipe...thank you!! xoxo

  3. I love your pins!! The game did get chilly quickly- you look great as always!

  4. so jealous that it's already chilly football weather there! We (University of Houston) have another home game this weekend and I'll be in a sundress and flips...but I'll totally be wishing it was cooler...

    PS-love those little Christmas mason jar gifts...I need to find you on Pinterest and repin those babies! They'd make great gifts for co-workers!

    Have a great day! xoxo

  5. yum! that chilly looks delish..gonna have to try it out.

    yay for tailgating and UK football...but booo for our stinkin loss to those darn cardinals.

    and i am just as obsessed with hobby lobby..i feel like i could get lost in their for hours and love every second.

  6. I love your blue scarf!! Where did you get it??

    I lvoe hobby lobby too!!!


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