Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Monday! (a day late, sorry lol)

This has been a crazy busy week! Houses are selling... yayyy! I have (hopefully, cross your fingers, don't jinx me!) sold 3 houses this week! So excited! :)

I thought with the house excitement I am having right now, I would focus this Pinteresting Day on some fun ideas for your house! (Of course there are a few off topic ones too! I couldn't resist!)

Let's start with things for your house....

What a great idea is this? And I saw these frames at Hobby Lobby not too long ago... they had black also. I am seriously doing this... at least on our 1st floor because it is in the hallway next to our bedroom and Chris might not get too upset that it is "girly" looking :) Love it! So cute!

This is screaming my name!
I am constantly picking stuff up and taking it to the steps to be carried back up by whomever brought it down ha! This is cute and I think I could find some even cuter baskets! Love this!

Dying! This is so creative and looks adorable.
Spray Paint Silverware!
I wonder if it would come off in the dishwasher? Must try this too!

With mounting flatscreens being all the go now, this is really an awesome idea for a more formal room or just to make it look a little more appealing! I love it! Doubt I can talk Chris into this ha, but I love it anyway!

I just thought this was so sweet... lyrics to your wedding song.... on a canvas... and then hang in a hall or your bedroom! So Presh!

As you know, I  have a MAJOR obsession with awesome amazing kitchens... I have seen so many and save pictures from everywhere, but this one caught my eye and I loved it! Could that possibly be the largest island you have ever seen? So jealous!

Speaking of kitchens... this is my TOTAL dream sink!!!! Hand hammered, over sized copper sink! I would give up something big to have this ha! I am overly obsessed with it! Anything copper I love, and this is beautiful! (not a fan of the cabinets though, would look much cuter with something different!)

Brace Yourself........

O.M.G has anyone seen this??
Spray Glitter... for Fall Decor... Ummm love it!!
If I find this, I will spraying everything in sight hahaha, Frankie better watch out ;)

This is adorable for a laundry room...
What a wonderful idea! You could do a cuter ribbon or string and glam it up a bit... but it's super cute!

And this is for two of my favorite people who just found out they are preggo!!!!!.... If it's a girl that is....

How precious is this nursery?
What little girl doesn't need to be treated like Cinderella from the moment they come home? Lol, no brainer!

This is a fun idea for the kids... make a placemat! Paper and then have it laminated or you could probably find them online somewhere.. then they can use dry erase or washable markers and draw about their day while you're making dinner! So cute!

This is just such a good idea for outside! I would love to have this! I guess you could use that same plumbing for your hose... and hook up this little mini sink! Perfect for BBQ's or just the kids being outside. I love this! Maybe next year we will try :)

Ok now these are not home related... just love them and got excited to share!

OPI "Expresso"
Love this! Always like the dark colors for Fall anyway but this one has a little shimmer :)

How great is this Polyvore for a cute Fall outfit?
Love this! And I already have that watch so I'm one step ahead :)

I am on the hunt to find Frankie a brother or sister...by Christmas... and also simultaneously trying to convince Chris that Frankie would be more well behaved... (Kim, Emily or Chrissy if you are reading this I know what you're thinking... I am a bad mom and need to beat him ha, but this will work I just know it!) He needs someone to play with, and entertain him while we're gone during the day. And also someone to get some of his attention besides him being obsessed (that's putting it mildy) with me!

So I really want a "Jiggy"... Lisa Vanderpumps's sweet boy haha He is so cute!

He is so cuddly, even Ken doesn't mind carrying him around :)

Don't you think him and Frankie looks cute next to each other too???....

I think so! They would be perfect siblings! I think it would solve all of Frankie's problemos!
 (not that he has a lot, don't get the wrong impression, he is an angel most of the time, lol)

So my search for a "Jiggy" has started! I will update as the progress is made, lol ;)
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  1. These are all great! So glad I follow you on pinterest! A jiggy for Frankie.. Hilarious!! In all honesty I do think 2 pups are a good idea, especially for busy people so they won't get lonely.

  2. I stinkin' love that kitchen...with the copper pots hanging, loves. I am on a mission to find our dog a playmate too...the husband isn't having it!

  3. You pinned SO many cute things today!!!! I am loving it!

  4. here is the makeup organizer. http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx?view=2&app=detail&params=item^H164200&cookie=set/

    i swear - i think God made me a blonde twin in Kentucky!

  5. How cute are all these pins! I'm a new blogger and tried to pin something today - and it just didn't work. I'm getting the hang of it though! I love all these house ideas!

    I'm a new follower and using your blog for ideas on mine: )



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