Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reality TV Update

I have not blogged about all my crazy shows in forever! So I thought today would be an appropriate day to do this because...

Grey's Starts Tonight!!!
WooHoo!! 2 Hour Premier!!
(this is obvi an old picture but I couldn't find a new one sorry!)

I am so excited to see what this season brings! Already have the DVR set for a series recording! :)

Lately I have gotten in the habit of DVR'ing Dr. Phil and watching when I can't sleep... and today I am so glad I did because his show was about Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Dr. Phil interviewed Taylor on the recent suicide of her husband, and boy was it a tear jerker.

I know everyone who is a fan of RHWBH was just as shocked as I was when we found out a few weeks ago that he had hung himself in his bedroom at a friend's house and Taylor actually went there to talk to him and discovered the tragedy. But today after watching the emotional episode, I ended up feeling so sorry for her that she has lived her life in fear. There were things in the interview today that we never knew or saw from watching the reality show. It was so sad. I hope she and her daughter can just find peace and move past this to a happy ending at some point or another. <3
Lastly, what did everyone thing of the finale of Teen Mom??

Here are my thoughts summed up for those of you who watch ;)

1. Amber plays games with Gary... yes it kind of made me laugh when he played the guitar and sang with her on speakerphone, lol (a bit cheesy) BUT he is good to Leah and I think he just wants them to be a family. ;(

2. I think Farrah made a good decision to leave Sophia with her parents while she goes and heals for a while. I was sad watching her drive by all the places she hung out with Sophia's dad :( But she needs to get better for herself first. Her mom will take good care of Soph I think!

3. Kaitlyn & Tyler ... they are just so young. I hate to say it but their families are trashbags and those two have it together more than their own parents! I feel for them.... they are so sweet.

4. Maci ... I always liked Maci, but I feel like she still secretively likes Ryan and won't admit it. I think she freaks out on him going out when Bentley is asleep not because of Bentley but because she is maybe a little wee bit jealous on the inside. Kyle is so sweet and supportive, I hope she doesn't hurt him. Ryan needs to move on and find someone cute to be with who likes kids ha!

That's it friends :) All I got tonight!
Tomorrow I think is the first day of Fall :) Yippee!
So I am doing my favorite things about Fall post ....
Check back tomorrow!

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  1. I would have never ever ever remembered that Greys starts tonight if I didnt read this post! OMG I am FOREVER grateful!!!! I would totally die if I missed it. I mean, not like I couldnt watch it on hulu or anything but still, twitter ruins everything anyways.

    Agree with everything you said about RHOBH. Right on.

    ok going to go make sure I divo Greys.

    oh btw did you know my mom and sister are real estate agents? probably not, but they are. And my dad owns the Homes and Land Magazine here in town, and I worked for him forever before I quit to stay home with kids. Man I wish I could go back haha!!


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