Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Monday!

Happy Labor Day!

I don't know about where you are, but it is yucky, rainy and cooler here today so I am enjoying relaxing around the house with Chris today, playing on the computer, going to watch "Something Borrowed" in a bit that I have heard is so good... I'm so excited! We are being so lazy I think we may even order pizza and not leave all day haha ;)

Since last Monday I was too busy with work to post, today I have several amazing finds from Pinterest... that site never gets old, I wish I had the time to make all the things I want to try that I've found!

I have tried to categorize as much as possible since I have so many randoms ...
First are my fave inspiritational words of wisdom for the week :)

DIED when I saw that hahahaha love it!

Want to frame this!!

And loved this too!! So cute!

Next are randoms but I am dying to have or try, or I just love it!

I think this is from QVC and I am going to look today to try to find it... a spinning cosmetic organizer! Genius. Love it! Will let you all know if/where I find one :)

This hair looks SUPER cute!
Have to try it!

"Bubble Bath" is one of my favorite nuetral nail colors. Nice for weddings, pictures, etc.

Love these pillows! They are all so cute! Great gift idea!

Ok this I am on a for real mission to find... It's a His & Hers birthstone ring... for you and your significant other's birthstones! How cute is that? I am OBSESSED and already emailed to Chris haha I love how simple it is but it's classic and meaningful. Maybe in November I will have one to show off :) (hint hint babe.. birthday present idea!) Or if he has a hard time finding that ring...
 Then I GUESS this one would be OK!...

My dream ring. Is that gorg or what?

I guess Pinterest is making tshirts... I would prob sport one...

 I am totally obsessed with these chair backs for a wedding! Dying. They are beautiful!!!

How pretty would those be? 

Now this next thing could be life changing for me... if you know me, you know I can't stand a dirty house.. but my car is a totally different story and looks like a bomb went off in it at all times! I basically live in it, so it's hard to keep clean... but I know I should try harder... so this is what I am going to try this week...

It's a cereal container trashcan. This could help I think, don't you?

This is just nothing but random because it is THE cutest baby picture ever! I love the burlap, love the frame, love every stinkin thing about it! Precious!

I think I found a girlfriend for Frankie...
How cute is she??

Look at that bow ha
I think he would like her ;)

That's it!
I could share Pinterest postings all day long...
Have a great day!
Back to work tomorrow!!
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  1. Hi! I love those chairs! Super gorgeous! I don't think I could pull of the hairstyle but I've been seeing it repinned a lot. It's cold and gloomy here too. Hopefully we can bbq later. I think I'm going to leave the birthstone ring picture up as a hint to B, Christmas is just around the corner lol. I'm linking up! Happy Labor Day!

  2. I love pinterest! I'm now following you over there too :)

  3. what is your name on pinterest so i can follow you??? <3

  4. let me know if you find the makeup organizer! I have been looking for one like this!



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