Sunday, January 6, 2013

Where is that from?

You've asked .. I've answered :) 

Ok so I normally don't like doing posts like this ONLY because even though I work very, very hard for the things I have (and the bags under my eyes sometimes are proof ha!)...
I don't really like to broadcast how much stuff costs or where it's all from because even though I like nice things, I just think it's best to stay humble and not brag.
However, I have had so many emails lately from all you pretty ladies asking where some things in my pictures are from ... so .. humbly ... here they all are, ha!

Pink & Red Dresses from Engagement Pics 
Pink Dress is Alice & Olivia
Purchased  from AJ's Casuals in Lexington, KY 
Can't find it anywhere online :( If I see it again I will pin it! 

Red Dress is Theory 
Also from AJ's Casuals in Lexington, KY 
Found it HERE but it is out of stock :(  

The boots I wear allll the time... literally! 
Frye "Lindsay Plate" Boots in Cognac Stone Wash Leather
Purchased at Nordstrom FIND HERE 

 The Gold Initial Ring
I lusted after this on Pinterest for a while then finally found from a friend an actual website that is legit that makes them! However, it is from Ho Chi Min, Vietnam and took FOREVER to ship! Ha!
Find it HERE

 Ella & Ava's Bow Ear Warmers
 I ordered these from Very Jane ... they aren't offering them anymore :( 
They were crazy cheap, like $4.50 or something! 
But if you aren't getting the Very Jane emails you are missing out! 
Warning: You will order something every day and it is a sick obsession that is hard to break ha! 

 Monogrammed Necklaces 
Gold Monogrammed Necklace, large 2inch size on short gold chain, from Peggy's Gifts & Accessories in Lexington, KY 859.255.3188 
They don't have a website but you can call. They have 3 sizes. Takes about 2-3 weeks to ship I think.
(That little gold "Faith" necklace and the gold sideways cross necklace are both from Nordstrom)
Faith Necklace find HERE
Cross Necklace find HERE  

Grey Acrylic Monogrammed Necklace. 
This is the medium on gold short chain. 
Can also be ordered from Peggy's at the number above. :) 

Christmas Stockings 
My favorite Christmas decor. 
Purchased 3 years ago from Ballards Design. 
Find the stockings HERE

 Initial Ear Warmers
I love these! I have one and I wear it all the time! 
These were ordered from a friend who locally does embroidery in Lex but she also takes orders on Facebook too ... she has lots of cute stuff! Find her HERE.

 Henry's Baby Ugg Boots
UGG Australia "Boo" Bootie in Chesnut

(they have a cute tie up back that is adorable!) 
Purchased at Nordstrom but can be found HERE 

"Countdown Sign" in my Hallway 
This was a random $20 find at TJ Maxx of all places! 
And I LOVE it ... It is so fun for holidays or special events! 
I found a similar one HERE for anyone interested, not the same as mine but pretty close! 

That's it friends!
Those are the things you've emailed most about.
Please let me know if I have forgotten anything!
Happy Shopping, lol 
And thank you for all your sweet comments and emails! Makes my day to read them! <3

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  1. I just had to comment and say thank you for posting this! I always like to know where the items in the photos from blogs are from, sometimes out of sheer curiosity, sometimes because I want to purchase them. I know you said you don't like to post these kind of posts, so I wanted to leave you a positive note of encouragement and while I get your apprehension because you don't want to appear a certain way or be judged on how much you pay for things, I think you should remember that you buy quality over quantity (at least that is how it appears). I am the same and often feel judged for how much I spend on an item, but always try to remind myself that the girls doing that kind of judging are also the ones who go shopping every weekend and buy tons of stuff from forever 21 (and the like) that they can only wear a few times before it falls apart, whereas I will wear and own my stuff for years, which, I'm sure as you know, calculates to a very low cost per wear. I hope you will feel more inclined in the future to share where you purchase things from, this was one of my favorite posts and I love how much you support/promote the local economy where you live, I am sure those small business owners appreciate the business they will receive from you sharing their names.

  2. I just decided i am going to have to order that initial ring it is beyond adorable! and those uggs.. awww almost gives me baby fever! ALMOST! haha

  3. I agree with S. K. You purchase classic and quality items and support local business, which is not always easy to do these days! You have great taste and I'm glad you shared the items with your readers despite your apprehension. I'm a newer reader, so I hadn't seen some of them and I am definitely inspired. It also motivates me to take a trip to Lexington to do some shopping and exploring!

  4. SO happy that you did this post!! I am obsessed with those boots!!


  5. I'm so glad that you posted all this! I think I've asked you about most of those things. That red dress makes me die. I love it. I do love AJ's though. I need to stop by more often obviously. : )

  6. Thanks so much for posting this! You wear so many cute things and I often find myself wondering where you got them! :o) I LOVE your hair, and would love it if you would consider doing a hair tutorial one day, or even just saying what what type of curling iron you use and how your curl your hair. It always looks so pretty!

  7. I just wanted to say I signed up for the Very Jane emails when you first mentioned it a while back and yeah.....totally addictive!! In fact, I've already made a purchase this morning! But an awesome crystal statement necklace for $9.99, are you kidding me, I'd be insane not to buy that! Also, you should never apologize for how you choose to spend your money, it's yours, you earned and you sure can't take it with you!

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  9. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I'd come by and I love your cute blog. I'm now following! :)
    The dresses are so adorbs & those Uggs....I could die. :)

    lauren rebecca

  10. oh.emm.gee! i have been meaning to comment on your ahhmazing engagement photos! to die for. you look so gorgeous. i just found out literally like two days ago that Peggy's finally has a website. i am obsessed with that store.

    thought it would be helpful :-)

    also - stuart did my wedding. those guys are Amazeballs. i can not say enough good things about them and their work. they will make your special day so gorgeous!

    i have been so depressed over stuart's doggie :-(

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  12. I LOVE that chalkboard. Its too cute!

  13. Thanks for doing this post! I love 90% of the things here!

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