Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding, Work and Realty TV ha

Hola Chicas! 
So today I had a really good TV update post planned ...
there is SO much going on I have THREE of our TV's being held hostage by DVR because of all of these shows on right now ....

Pretty Little Liars
(Holy Toby! What is happening?)
 Kourtney & Kim take Miami 
 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills AND Atlanta 
(Kenya is cray-cray can we all agree on that?)
Private Practice
Honey Boo Boo 
(don't judge, it's comedy at it's finest!)
The Good Wife 
Grey's Anatomy
and ...
Duck Dynasty
(yes, I let Chris watch this one show on "my" dvr TV haha I am a good fiance!)

There are sooo many more I am just drawing a blank ... 

Anyway, I wanted to do a TV catch up post but honestly there have been too many more important things going on in this crazy life of mine, so I thought I would share those instead ;)

In no particular order ... 

We finalized Bridesmaids Dresses!!
Whitney, Kim, Chrissy & Emily 
(Missing Kelly!:( She couldn't go. And Ella and Ava too!) 

We had a girl's day and went back up to Bridal and Formal in Cincinnati, OH to finalize and purchase the dresses and I am SO excited because everyone is going to look perfect and so pretty! Each of my friends are wearing the same brand dress (Waters) but in different styles and  3 different colors ... kind of a blush/light pink, a champagne and a stone color which is like grey kind of. 
They are all gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to show everyone!

I also tried on my dress again and they had a smaller sample size this time so it fit a little better and I LOVED it so much more than I even did the first time when I bought it!!! Ahhhhh!!! It's so pretty!!!!!!

I am loving this makeup ... on one of my fave PLL ladies ... 

How do you feel about that for my wedding makeup?
I love it! Looks so natural but stunning! 

Do you know about custom stamps? Or have I been under a rock?
I came across an advertisement in a Shutterfly magazine I got in the mail about ordering custom photo stamps from and I thought to myself "hmmm.... now that's amazing!" 

So of course I got online instantly and ordered some for our Save the Date's that are going out this week ... and we finally got them in the mail and they are EVEN MORE AMAZING in person!!!

Are you dying?
How cute are those? 
Ahhh I just love them! They are my new favorite thing! 
They are BIG too! Like over twice the size of a regular ugly stamp ha. Love them!! 
It was super easy too, you basically just upload a picture and Ta-da! 
View the wesbite and order some HERE

Lastly on the wedding front, I ordered Frankie's tux ... 

Brace yourself .... 

He will be so handsome I can not even stand it!!
So excited!

Speaking of Frankie, 
and my never ending, ever growing, sometimes crazy, love for him ....
Look what I saw today and couldn't help but LOL ....

So true! I love it.
I literally laugh out loud every time I read it ha!

In Real Estate News .... 
Yours truly has been quite the little Realtor lately ;)

Lexington Herald Leader's "Realtor of the Week" in last Sunday's paper!
So awesome, loved it, and so did everyone else! My Fbook and phone were blowing up with messages! :)

Then .... 

Double spot ad in Skirt! Magazine 
in the Fabulous Faces of Real Estate in Lexington, KY article! 

I can't wait for this year! My business is growing more and more every day!
I just know we are going to kill it this year!
If you're in or around Lexington please remember me when you know someone looking to buy or sell!
And if you're not in Lexington, that's ok too ... I can refer you to a great Realtor in your area!
I have Realtor friends in a lot of other states that would love to help :)
Buying or Selling a home is a BIG deal ... don't go at it alone, work with a professional!
After all, I always tell people, if you were having trouble with a tooth you would go to the dentist and let the professional work on it, not try to work on it yourself ha! 
So the same should be true with your home, which is the single biggest purchase in your life!

Pinterest Snack ... 

If you haven't seen these on Pinterest or tried them yet then you need to.
I made them for a lunch at my office and literally they are delish!
And soooo easy! Takes like 15 min total. So yummy. 
Perfect for Valentine's Day school treats too! 

a Birthday Shout Out! 

Happy Birthday Leslie!!
Leslie is my brother's girlfriend, and also my assistant :) And she just had a birthday over the weekend so I wanted to give her another little bday wish just because I love her ha :) Glad you had a good birthday! XO!

Well I think that's it for now ... 
I have listed 3 new houses this past week so going to post some cute house pics soon. 
And of course more wedding updates as they come ... I am trying to keep some things a surprise but it's so dang hard! I am already dying to show Chris my dress... but don't worry, I'm not! He will have to wait ha! 

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  1. We were at Bridal and Formal right after New Years. It was so crowded when we went and a little overwhelming! Can't wait to see how the dresses look!

  2. Love love love that makeup! And those stamps... ADORBS! :) Congrats on all the Real Estate success love! How amazing!


  3. I know your wedding is going to be SO amazing...feel free to shoot ma an email with a picture of your dress ;) I kid! But I am dying to know what you chose!! Congrats on your success!! GET IT GIRL!

  4. That makeup will look beautiful on you!

    Kenya is cray cray! I heard her relationship with that guy was just for TV, and not true in real life. Kind of makes since now, can you see it too?

    =) Brooke

  5. I really like your published post on real estate. It was very interesting and very impressive, I enjoyed the blog so much for showcasing such and eye-catching real estate. If you have time try to check Patrick Hospes and Julie Matthewson : RE/MAX House Of Real Estate : Home .

  6. Frankie is going to be TO DIE for - and you will be the most beautiful (as if you aren't already) with that makeup!

  7. I love your stamps! I think postage is going up next week, so be sure to get them out soon!

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  9. I adore your blog! And I'm in Lexington so that's even better! The makeup is PERFECT for wedding day. Frankie's tux is adorable!


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