Monday, January 28, 2013

Sledding in 48 degrees!

This weekend a friend of our's invited us out to a property where they have some snow machines that


What better thing could you think of to do?

Go sledding ... on real snow ... when it was 48 degrees outside ... and then get in your car and drive away, not on slippery roads with snow everywhere ha!
It was a blast!

Photo Dump ...

They got these snow bibs year before last, for Christmas, and it didn't snow a single flake all winter! 
So they finally got to break them in! 

She stole my new Free People leopard toboggan, but she looked cute in it so I gave in because I love her:)

So excited! 

Isn't it funny to see snow and then a bunch of green grass in the same area? lol it was weird! 

Lastly, my personal favorite, that is Chris thinking he can snow board down a big hill, maybe he has been watching a little too much of the X Games ;) 

We had so much fun! Can't wait to go back again! 

Today I am off to work for a bit then run some errands and get ready for the Bachelor party tonight which is being held at my house with guests including this pretty lady and this pretty lady!  :) 
I am going to make snacks and dinner while we enjoy Sean and his crazy ladies on the television ... and make our guesses at who will stick around another week! 

I wasn't a huge Sean fan in the beginning ... when it was between him and Arie, I was Arie all the way!
But I will say he is growing on me. I love his personality and how kind and giving he is.

And I think he is so sweet with Sarah ...
 I like her a lot.
She is super sweet and just a normal girl I feel like!

I wanted to like Tierra ... I really really did.
When she did her interview on the first episode I thought she was so cute and fun!
I will say, after the last episode, she is a little out there... and that is being nice ha.

And I hate to say this, but I am glad to see Kacie B go home ...
I liked her previously, but this year I kinda felt like she was trying too hard and maybe she was just back on there to be on TV ... I didn't like that she had one up on all the other ladies, but hey, that's reality TV for ya!

Have a great Monday!
PS. Who is your pick for Bachelor thus far? :) 

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  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun!! Love the little snow suits!! SO cute!

    Can't wait til tonight, thanks for hosting! :)

  2. I would expect nothing less than personalized snow bibs for those kiddos. Only you! Haha. Sledding in 48 degree weather? Sounds like SO much fun!

    I really like Lesley from DC. A lot. And then after seeing Des on the dates, she has grown on me too. They both seem sweet.

  3. They had their own personal snow machine?! That's awesome. Love the personalized snow bibs...wouldn't expect anything less : )

  4. I love the idea of having them personalized! It always snows here in winter so it would be smart for me to do this for my daughter. I just write in name on the tag... This way is much cuter!!! Thanks love!!!

  5. I wanted to like Tierra because I thought she was cute...but holy cow that girl's got issues!

  6. I loved Leslie..until she wore that hoochie mama dress and did that on screen 3 minute makeout..COME ON NOW LADY! Nobody wants to see that business. I, too, wanted to like Tierra, but I can't say I was surprised when as soon as those paramedics tried to strap her down she wasn't into it and then cuddled with Sean on the veranda. #homewrecker. I don't have a favorite yet, but I'm so excited for tonight!

  7. That is so funny that you were on a snow hill with green grass right behind it! I noticed it, but didn't think a thing about it until you pointed it out. Too funny.

  8. I gotta go Lesley. I know her and I ADORE her!!


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