Saturday, January 26, 2013


You have NO idea how happy I am that it is Saturday!

I have had a crazy busy week, and today I purposely scheduled nothing so I could relax, enjoy some time with Chris and the kids, clean my house, do laundry, get a spray tan and my nails done ha, and just play catch up on my personal life!

This will be a random tid bit of fun pics and events from the week :)

I cleaned out my office and desk and added some cuteness:

 New Lamp, TJ Maxx $39, steal!!! :)

New Chairs ... also TJ Maxx find .. $89 each! Aren't they so cute? They're comfy too! I am adding a little table in the middle but waiting on my mom to make the burlap table cover :) Can't wait! 

School was called off on Friday because we literally got a centimeter of snow lol so Ella and Ava learned real world skills and went to work with me! 

They were stuffin' envelopes, printing return address labels, returning text messages haha you name it, they were doing it! Such good little helpers!

Frankie went and got his hair did and now he is even handsomer (is that a word?) than before!

I found two wedding hair styles I like ... 

Chris wants me to wear my hair down and wavy like normal, but I want to add a little something to it, I like Jess's hair do above, kind of teased up a little, I think that would like pretty with my veil. What do ya'll think? 

Then I love this Carrie "do" below for bridesmaids ... 

Side swept is my fave ... it would be so pretty! 
That's pretty much all on the wedding front I have right now ha. 

Last night we went to Chris's nephew's 1st Birthday Party! 

He was so cute as always! And a very neat cake eater too! He didn't make a huge mess like normal 1 yr olds lol ... he kept wanting to feed it to everyone else :) So precious!

We enjoyed some yummy chili for dinner! 
How cute is this sign Lisa made? 
She and her house are straight out of Pottery Barn and Pinterest ... the cutest you have ever seen! 

I got to play with Jack, my favorite ;)
I mean he is literally a baby model ... he needs to be picked up from Crewcuts!

How cute is he? 

I will leave you with this ... 
I saw this a while ago and loved it, then couldn't find it ... and then this week I saw it on Emily Maynard's Facebook! Love her. And love this. I am printing it and putting it in my Bible so I won't lose it again!

Happy Saturday!
I am off to clean and run errands :) 

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  1. Happy Saturday! I love those hairstyles. I am still deciding whether I want up or down.

  2. I pinned that exact J Simps hairstyle! So elegant. I ended up doing one like the pin you have of Carrie. LOVED it! I love my long hair and definitely wanted it down. I wasn't too crazy about BM hairstyles. I have some pics on my blog and pinterest if you need some more inspiration

  3. I love the Carrie hairstyle. I had my hair similar to this for my wedding and for a bridesmaid hairstyle as well. Very photogenic and easy to do. The chalkboard menu is very cute! Great deal on the lamp too!
    Come follow me over at

  4. I love those hairstyles and think you might be on to something with Jessica Simpson style. I think it would be a good mix of what Chris like and a way of making it perfect for your wedding!

    Nicole at

  5. I think that hairstyle would look great on you and Chris would still like it because it would be similar to your usual look! :) I am LOVING your new office cute!

  6. Those chairs look very cute!

    =) Brooke


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