Thursday, January 3, 2013

Picture Time!!

Happy Thursday!
Today I had no appointments until 11am so figured I would blog ... again... for the 3rd day in a row! :)
I'm off to a good blogging start for 2013 don't you think? hehe
Real quick ... 
two things that made my night last night, after a semi-stressful day:
Exhibit 1:
Does anyone else's fur-child ever sleep like this?
The "back legs stretched out", army crawl look ... my ABSOLUTE favorite thing Frankie does!
So stinkin cute. I want to squeeze his little back feet ha! 

Exhibit 2: 

Who knew Chris was such an artist with chalk? ha ;)
So sweet ... I walked in the kitchen last night and saw this on the pantry door!! 
(I won't tell you what I was going in there for, it may or may not have been a box of chocolate coveried cherries I am obsessed with at Christmas time! Must stop eating them!!)
Love him, so nice and sweet and I just love when he does random little things like this ... not all guys are like that, I am lucky enough to have one that is ;) 

Lastly before the real moral of this little post ... 
New Year's Pics!
I don't know how I forgot to share these two, but they are too cute not to share!

Right at midnight ... lol ... I think you can even see the confetti on the TV in the background!
WILD at midnight, but so fun and funny! :) 

My Facebook card I shared to all my friends :)
Love me some Red Stamp ... if you don't have this app on your phone you should get it ... perfect for creating e-cards that you can share as a photo by email, text, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Super cute!! 
You're welcome in advance, you will obsessed! 

Alright friends ... I am excited to share today some
Engagement Pictures!!

First and foremost, shout out to Alicia @ Aesthetiica for her talented work!
She is awesome, but that's not new news to any of you I am sure! ;) 

Ok ... here we go ... total photo dump ... 

Love this one! Chris looks so handsome and the lighting is my fave!! <3 

Total model and little sweet angel Frankie is ;)


Love the horses in the background of this one, you can barely see them but they were so pretty! 

What do you think?? :) 
I have GOT to order Save the Date's today but am having a hard time deciding which one?
Which is your favorite?

Can't believe we are getting married in 5 months! 
So much to do, but surprisingly enough, I am not really stressed ... yet. Ha! 

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  1. All of the pics are ahhhmazing! You look beautiful! :)

  2. You have got yourself a winner in your fiance, girlfriend. He has to be the sweetest, ever. EVER. That was soooooo sweet of him to write on the door like that. Precious.

    Now, second, I cannot even believe those pics. You guys are models. I'm not even kidding. They are gorgeous. xoxoxo

  3. COULD YOU TWO BE ANY CUTER!??! OMG this post totally made my morning! You guys are the epitome of happiness and I love it. I love, love...isn't that a line from Love Actually? That is neither here nor there, but ya look gorg, gf! So incredibly beautiful!

  4. Oh my GAHHHH, your pictures are amazing!

    My favorite one is somewhere in the middle there, where it's closely cropped, in color, and the two of you are up close. Your hand is on his chest and his is near your head. SO ROMANTIC and intimate!

  5. Good luck ordering the Save the Dates...I don't know how you would choose the picture! They're all so good. WHERE is that covered bridge around here? It is gorgeous! Seeing this post also reminds me that I really want/need to paint my pantry door black! :)

  6. If I could squeal through the computer, I would. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love each and every one of these. You two are just gorgeous and make the prettiest couple evah! I think my fave ones are the ones with you in red on the blanket. I just love that set-up. The first one of you guys in blue looking at each other is precious too. And of course, Frankie is such a stud muffin. Love these pics and you, my dear.

  7. That pink dress is sooo cute and super bright love it!!! Frankie looks so cute in all the pics!!! I love how you have a chalk board door that is super cute!!! I would do that but I think my 2 year old would have a hay day, and there would be chalk every where! So maybe in 2 or 3 years hehe!!! Great post!!!

  8. I LOVE your engagement pictures! Seriously, I would be having huge prints of all those scattered through out the house!! I can't wait to see the wedding pics when you get married :)

  9. The 4th one from the top and the 3rd one from the bottom are beyond gorgeous!

  10. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I want to know how you haven't gotten picked up by a major modeling agency... :)

  11. These are fabulous!!!! I am so happy you love your photographer so much. Like I said, ours was a nightmare!! You two are such a cute couple!! So quick question, where are your boots from? The ones you're wearing with the blue shirt and black leggings? I'm obsessed with them.

    Also loving your chalkboard pantry door. Totally need to do that!! Can't wait to see how your Save the Date's turned out.

    (formerly Simply Lowcountry)

  12. your engagement photos are gorgeous!!!! you look so beautiful! i love the hot pink dress!

  13. How are you supposed to pick a 'Save the Date' picture out of so many amazing pictures?? Okay, I decided to force myself to pick ONE and I am going with # 2, but there are just so many to pick!!! Okay, #2, that is my final choice.

    xoxo, Nicole @

  14. I love your engagement photos! Such an exciting time - I just got married in October 2012, so I'm missing all of the wedding planning fun now ;)

  15. Love all the blogging this week...keep it up!!

    You really can't go wrong with any of the photos...they are all gorgeous but my favorite is #4!!



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