Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday and Updates!

Well hello there!

I have been a little MIA for the last 10 days ... busy working per the usual .. I have been thinking of different posts to do but today will just be a random I think ;) Those are usually fun!

First topic of discussion ...
I have kicked into wedding gear (5 mos away!) ... 
I went to the How Charming Bridal Event at Keeneland this past weekend and it was awesome!

Visited these two lovely ladies there ... ;)
These are my so sweet friends and wedding planners ... 
Lauren & Ginny from Sharing Special Moments. Love them. 

Of course you know Ella and Ava were dying to go so we had to sneak them in :) 
They got little visors when we walked in that had veils on the back ha you can't see in the picture but they were super cute! I think tasting the cakes and drinking all the ciders was their favorite part! Shocker! ;)

They had a red carpet entry way and the girls had a fun time walking and playing on it like stars! :)

We had such a fun time! 
The BEST part was that I actually won an amazing door prize!!!!!
A night's stay at Gratz Park Inn in a beautiful suite and breakfast the next morning!! Ahhh!
I was SO excited!! Chris and I can't wait to stay there! 

Next topic ... 
The NEW issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine is out ... 
And my full page ad looks perfect! 

I love working with Brides & Grooms, and recently engaged couples to look for their first home!
It is such a fun and exciting experience, one of my favorites! 
It is so important when you are buying your first home that you have great representation, someone to do research for you, negotiate for you and get you the best deal possible! And that is what I do for my clients!

Thank you to my gorgeous clients for providing such beautiful pics and thoughtful testimonials! <3 XO! 
If you are planning a wedding and in KY you NEED THIS MAGAZINE! 
It is my favorite! Love everything about it! 
They sell it in Lexington at Joseph Beth, Kroger & lots more places! 

Hmm... let's see ... what else??
We did our wedding cake testing!! 

This was something Chris was really excited about ha ... I wanted it to look pretty, he wanted to see all the different flavors we could choose ;) What a typical guy! 

Feast your eyes upon this ...

Can you even handle that? 
That is what Chris and I got, each, to sample! 
Yum Yum Yummy!!

Please don't judge my nasty hair, it was raining and freezing today! 
And because I know you will ask ... earrings are from my girl Rebecca @ KiKi LaRue!
Obsessed with them! Thanks lady, they are my fave!!!! :) 

We had such a fun time tasting cakes! We decided on some amazing flavors (keeping a surprise ha!) for our 5 tier cake ... but I am still having a little bit of trouble deciding on exactly what we want the cake to look like. We know we for sure want to keep it kind of simple but with fresh flowers incorporated all over it! 

Here are some I am liking ... 

So we will probably decide on something very similar to one of these and use whichever fresh flowers we decide on :) How do ya'll feel about it? 

Ok next random tid bit ... 
I have a new favorite nail polish color!  
 OPI Pink Friday
It is the perfect pink! 
You will love it! And I love the name, perfect for a Friday mani/pedi after work ;) 

I love meeting fellow bloggers!! 
My friend Stephanie that I work with was sweet enough to invite me over to a girl's night to watch the Bachelor where I got to meet Jill and Sarah! :) 

How cute are they? 
I had such a good evening with them! And we are doing it again next week I think! 
Go follow their blogs if you're not already ... Jill has a great blog I love and Sarah is new to the blogging world and could use some follower love ;) 

Lastly and most importantly, 
For those of you who are in Lexington ... my friend Stuart's dog has been missing since Christmas :(
It's the saddest thing and I just can't imagine. 

This is Miss Cleo.
She is a black lab and she went missing in 40502 around Tates Creek Rd. and Alumni Area... they have searched and searched and no luck thus far :( 
It literally makes my stomach turn. I am praying that she was just so sweet that a family found her or saw her and just isn't wanting to give her back, but she is safe in their home. 
If you have seen any dog looking like her ... Please contact me or Stuart
If you aren't in our area, please say a prayer that someone will turn her in or find her ... dogs can go missing for weeks then be reunited with their owners and I'm praying this is the case for Stuart and Cleo! 

Ok friends, 
Gotta go finish working on the computer tonight!
Chris is making me watch an awful movie that I am sure will keep me from getting any good sleep tonight ... Taken 2 ... if you've not seen it then I'm jealous of you ha I hate movies like this!! Too scary!! 

Going to catch up on everyone else's blogs now too!

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  1. Haha, Taken 2 is hilarious - it's awesomely bad! And I so jealous you won a night at Gratz Park!!! Yay!!

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  3. I love that second cake! It's the cutest. And I didn't know those two fellow Lexington bloggers until just recently and I started following them! SMALL world. And that coat that one of your planners has on is to die for! Happy planning, love!

  4. Hey lady! Thanks for the shout out! :) It was so much fun watching the Bachelor with you guys - can't wait til next week! I think I'll get "Team Leslie" shirts, haha!

  5. Thanks for the shout out Dana! And to second what Sarah said - yes, watching the Bachelor is soooo much fun with our little group! :) All those wedding cakes look delicious...both the bites AND the Pinterest ones! Yum-o!

  6. I'll take that plate of cake, please! Yum!

  7. I love the second cake! I have it pinned & am drooling over how perfect it is!

    That nail polish color is perfection - I may need to go get it for myself!

    All that cake talk has now made me really hungry for some cake...haha.

  8. I get so happy when I see you have updated. Weird? Maybe. But I do.

    Those cakes look amazing. Ermehgerd. Can I have some?!?! From the three pinterest ones you posted, #2 is my fave.

    I'm dying to see Taken 2. I loved the first one.

    Your ad in the mag is so cute. If I ever move to Lex, I'm calling you. For sho. PS. I love it there. Would love to live there.

    And lastly, I just started following/tweeting with Jill and she is the best. I bet she's even better in person that online, yes?

  9. The only thing better than watching the train wrecks on the Bachelor is watching said train wrecks with girlfriends! Sounds like good time :)

    My mouth is watering for those cakes! I need to get married again so I can have one of those sampler plates!

  10. OH my goodness. i am obsessed with absolutely every single thing int his post!!! you knew what i was craving and you delivered! first of all, the girls are TOO cute at that bridal showcase. they must have been in heaven!!!

    that plate of cake samples aboUT made me slip in the puddle of drool on my desk! the whole time i was reading i was thinking "oh dana! please tell us what you picked!" AND THEN YOU DIDN'T!!! I think, without being able to taste them (lucky you!) i would have chosen the vanilla bean, strawberries and cream and the chocolate champagne. YUM!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your ad! it looks awesome!!! you are such an inspiration and such a little go-getter!!!

    and pink friday? definitely getting that for my mani this weekend. love it!

  11. All the images are looking mind blowing and superb thanks for the sharing.

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  12. Loving the nail polish and all the cakes look delish! Yummm!
    Yea, for your special day!

    =) Brooke

    Cute yellowish coat on your friend too!

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