Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Confession: Today I was bad ...

So today I was bad on a couple different levels ... ha
I had a little work to do...
 and then a little free time that I delegated to
Part 1 of getting my life back together! 

Do you ever look in the mirror and think "Gosh I don't look like myself??" or is that just me that does that??
(Hope not, or else maybe there is something wrong with me and no one is saying anything ha)

Well the last couple of days I have looked in the mirror and thought that.
Today I came to the conclusion why ... I am PALE, like the palest of pale, which leads to my makeup not looking good, my clothes don't look good, my hair, you name it. White as a freaking ghost. UGH!

So Bad Thing #1 was that I went to the tanning bed today. GASP! I know, I know. It's awful.
I felt bad going, felt bad laying there, and felt bad when I got out. But I just couldn't help it! 
I need some color and some UV rays and the spray just wasn't doing it for me! Don't judge. :(

Ok next ... 
Bad Thing #2 (unless your name is Chris Jackson ha)
 involves this little lady ...

We decided to do a little Valentine's Day shopping this evening.
Dana+Kelly+Shopping = EMPTY WALLET!
Ha. Not a good combo!

I came home with an entire bag of things ... which is currently being hidden in my car ha ;)
And will remain in my car until Valentine's Day <3
Secrets, secrets are no fun ... unless you're the one keeping the secret HA! Sorry babe!

Bad Thing #3 ...
(Unless your name is Rebecca and you own the cutest online shop around!)
I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed as my usual nightly routine ... and saw this ...

And thought to myself ... "Dana, you just went to Vicki's ... you don't need to look!"
But who was I kidding?
In less than 3 seconds flat I was on HERE ordering looking at these fun little items ...

I have the turquiose and have gotten so many compliments on them, I just love them ... 

So tonight I got the royal blue ones to wear to watch my KY CATS play :)
Love them. Can't wait to get them!

This picture is actually the Piko Dress that I wanted so so so bad but I guess I didn't click fast enough because the black was sold out in a milisecond ... so I got the white one for now. Figured it will look cute in the Summer with a tan ... or over a pair of skinnies with my boots now! They are the BEST fabric, soft and comfortable. You could live in these tops! 

Which is why I also ordered another Maddie top ... :) 

There are a ton of colors! 
I got red tonight thought I will wear it for Valentine's Day maybe ? 
These are the best and fit so good, not all tight and weird! 

This was a bad/good thing I guess lol ;) 
If you aren't "Liking" her page on Facebook you are missing out on some super nice and affordable cuteness
Go Check it out Now! 

Bad Thing #4 
Went to Kroger to pick up a couple of things and somehow these ended up in my buggy...

Already had 3 packs tonight. 
A bad thing, a very very bad thing!!
Someone needs to hide them asap. 

I did do one good thing today!
I put on some tennis shoes and took Frankie on a walk tonight...

We wanted to enjoy this amazing weather we are experiencing here in good ol' Kentucky! 70 degrees!! Woohoo!
Totally felt like an awesome Spring day. 
I drove with the windows down and everything! 

But don't get used to it friends ... 

Only in Kentucky is it 70 one day and 31 three days later :( 

Alright, I am off to watch Pretty Little Liars that I recorded! 


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  2. I'm from the Pacific NW and we DO NOT see the sun here! I don't personally tan in beds because I'm predisposed to skin cancer, but I do spray tan and I will say that many Dr's here actually prescribe minimal tanning (1-2x a month) in a high-grade bed just to get that Vitamin D going! I actualy recently wrote a research paper for school regarding how we need to find a balance between preventing skin cancer but also preventing all the ailments that come with not enough Vitamin D! So I hope that makes you feel better! : D

    I have a question for you Ms. Dana! I have recently become super un happy with the kind of jeans that I own. Until I went back to school I had to wear business professional every single day. Think J. Crew and Ann Taylor. So of course, since 1 day out of the week wasn't spent at the office, I just hopped over to Loft and bought my jeans there. Now that I'm a student again and rocking jeans daily I've realized how unflattering these Loft ones are on me! I'm petite, 5'2'', and simillarly sized to you, and I'm wondering if you have suggestions about jeans that flatter and hold up? So far I've looked at Hudson and Citizens of Humanity. Do you have any suggestions? You were the first person I wanted to ask since I LOVE all your clothes!

  3. Oh goodness - I know how you feel, I somehow ended up with a GIANT bag of M&Ms...and I keep putting them in my purse, so I've been taking them with me everywhere! Why are they so so so good?

    And I know exactly what you mean about winter weather skin...it's the pits! :(

  4. LOVE KikiLaRue!! I'm waiting for the s/s/ piko dress to be re-stocked!

  5. I love those Sweetarts Hearts! I've had to fight the urge to walk down the candy aisles at the store too many times this year already!

  6. I'm going to resist the urge to yell at you about the tanning bed! :P I used to go ALL the time back in the day and would love a little color now but am scared!
    And instead, I'll just tell you how I LOVE your pink tennis shoes. And also tell you how much I loved the pretzel treats. I may have already finished the little baggie you gave me. May have. But cannot confirm :P

  7. You absolutely crack me up, sister. All of those bad things sound exactly like the same bad things I get myself into. Kev might call them bad things, I call them mood enhancers :)

  8. Just found your blog and love it! :) Have to agree with you on Kiki la rue. I am now obsessed and waiting on my first purchase to arrive. Can't wait for the black Piko dress to come back in stock. I was also too late to grab one! :)

  9. Those shirts looks so cozy, I am going to check them out!

    =) Brooke


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