Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Wishlist!

Hello, Hello Friends! 

I have taken a little break the last couple of days just because I've been busy with work ... but today I am taking the day off and catching up on things around the house, wrapping some Christmas presents, etc :)

Does anyone else besides me LOVE to wrap Christmas presents?
I am obsessed!
It's calming kinda and I like to just see the progress made of all the pretty presents under the tree!

I love for everyone to have their OWN wrapping paper ... it's fun and just is exciting to me!
This year for the kiddos (and Chris ha) they will each have their own wrapping paper as usual,
No one will know which paper is theirs until Christmas day!
I love it ... everyone will be dying to know lol a little suspense never hurt anyone ;)

Before I reveal my Christmas Wishlist,
Here is a little of what I was up to the past few days ...

Happy 1st Birthday Mack!
One of my best friends, Kelly, had a super fun and cute 1st birthday party for this sweet baby boy ...

My gifts were a hit ... I got him what any good Aunt would get him ... a grocery buggy and a cleaning set complete with a Swiffer and all hahaha! He loves brooms and vacuums, etc so I thought it would be perfect! 

Kelly made cute little gift bags ... had TONS of food and Sesame Street appropriate snacks ;) 

 Cake time is where the fun began ... 

What a good sport his dad is .... wearing a Cookie Monster shirt haha :) 

There were a millions babies the same age there!!

Kelly and I came up the cutest little "Favorite" board for some pictures he is having this week ..

How cute is that? 

Next up ... 
Face timing with my 88 yr old Papaw! 

Hahaha I love this ... I will forever keep this picture close to my heart ... 
you gotta love technology these days! 
He thought this was the craziest thing he had ever seen. 
My Papaw is funny, and I mean like "have you in stitches, you can't believe he just said that" FUNNY!
If you are new around here, you can check out some amazing Papaw-isms HERE :) 
Enjoy. Ha. Love him. 

Yesterday I went to a Realtor lunch for the Young Realtors of the Bluegrass at our local board 
and was AMAZED at all the toys we raised for children for Christmas!!

Awesome. No words. So great!
So glad to be a part of a community where all of us Realtors can come together and help others. #Blessed.

Lastly on the home front, 
Ella's first Violin Concert
Last night we went to hear her first performance on the violin...
 who knew Hot Cross Buns could be so cute?
(Did that just take you back to middle school? It did me ha.)

Love her. She's amazing. That's all :) 
She did such a good job, so proud of her! It takes strength to perform in front of a room of people when you're in the 4th grade and she did amazing! <3 

Tis' the Season ...
Everyone keeps asking me what I want for Christmas ... my parents, Chris, my brother, ...
which is so sweet and I love them ...
but I honestly have not been able to think of much because I just really don't need anything!
(no I am not running a temperature for those of you who know me well ha)

However, I did come up with a few things once I really put my mind to it ;)
(Didn't take long for me to pop off some things don't worry lol)

Christmas Wishlist 2012 
Ho Ho Ho! 

1. Gold monogrammed necklace in script with my soon to be NEW INITIALS :)
2. Marley Lilly fleece vest, also with my new initials :)
(you might begin to see a repeating theme here ha)
3. Urban Decay NEW Naked Basics
4. **this is a total splurge if Santa remembers me** Nikon 1 J2 Digital Camera ... obsessed
5. I desperately need a case for my iPhone 5! Preferably monogrammed like my old one, go figure ha.
6. I REALLY want the E-cards desk calendar for 2013, they are hysterical!!
7. Kate Spade "Mrs." earrings ... dying!
8. This will sound super cheesy BUT I really am just looking forward to spending some time with my sweet, handsome boyfriend fiance!! We have both been so busy lately with different things, I am just ready for some down time to cuddle and go to dinner and hang out with friends or at home in front of the fireplace! Love it when the house is all Christmas decorated up and feeling cozy! That's the best time for some QT!

Alrighty, that's it for today!
Still loving all my new followers from Living in Yellow! 
We are gearing up for a HUGE giveaway over at Erin's blog next week! Can't wait! I'm trying to drum up what fun things I am going to give away! Any suggestions??

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  1. New follower to your blog! It's so cute!! When I got married this past February I was dying for anything with my new initials.. I'm kind of obsessed! I'm also in real estate- so love reading about your real estate business. My grandad is 91 and loves to Skype. It's easier for him to hear then talking on the phone!!



  2. Okay - your papaw is the cutest. And I love your wishlist - I want all those same things, but with my same ole monogram : ) And maybe not those Mrs. earrings. That might be awkward! BUT, I do love that red dress you are wearing in that last pic - where did you get it???

  3. Your papaw is a DOLL! I would have the hardest time getting my grandparents to facetime...LOL. I can just hear them! "What is this contraption?!" Also that party planning gene must run in your friend pool :)

  4. That looks like an awesome first birthday party! I love everything on your wishlist. :)

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  6. Hey, I have that Nikon! Love it! But, for God sake don't drop it, not even one inch of a fall! Totally breaks and is not covered by the additional insurance you probably will purchase! =( My broke only a few weeks after purchasing, because I dropped it! Just a short drop too! So sad!

    Anyways, thought I would share! Otherwise love the camera, its a great pick!

    Merry Christmas!


  7. Ok. First. How cute is little Mack. Love the chalkboard idea. Seriously, if you ever get tired of real estate, you should totally open a party planning business.

    2nd. Facetiming with your gpa. How cute!

    3rd. So jealous that Ella can play the violin. I was just discussing this last nght with a friend--well not the violin, but I'm dying to learn to play the piano. Basically anything. I want to play something.

    Thanks for the shoutout and blog button post at the end. I loves it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you win!

  8. LOL! That e-card is totally how my friend and I's friendship is :) Your grandpa is too adorable & I heart your leopard blouse, where did you get that??


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