Saturday, December 1, 2012

Is it really December 1st?

I can't believe it's DECEMBER!!!
Where did November go? 

Hi friends!!!
I am alive, well and ok! Ha!
Thanks to everyone who emailed asking me where I vanished to :)

Things have been extremely busy in my world per the usual and I have had so many things to blog about just haven't had the time to do it for some reason!

And just so you believe me ... I'll share this with you ....

This is our beautiful, 10 ft tall, REAL Christmas Tree ... 

That has been sitting in my Living Room for
  6 days
hahaha :( 

Last night I told my friend I'll be lucky to get it decorated before Christmas at this rate! 
How sad is that? 

Today might be the day ... I am thinking I will have time to at least pull the stuff out but Chris is gone and selfishly I am being a baby and wanting to wait for his help ha ;) 

OK, Sooo my life for the last 21 days .... here goes! 

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
I love Thanksgiving ... and this year we had 3 so it was super festive. 
My Aunt and her husband and Papaw came up this year so we got to hang out with them, we went to my dad's familys because my grandmother came in from NC, and then we went to Louisville for Chris's family!

How cute? 

My Aunt Cathy (looking so good after chemo this past year), Mom, Papaw, my brother Chris
My Aunt Cathy's Dog & Ella haha

My Dad & us

Me and the little turkeys ;) 

Me, My Bro & Mom

Chris & I  <3

Ava & Ella working on their Thanksgiving activity packets I made for all the kids :) 

We had a great Thanksgiving over a 3 day span ha

Then it was time to do it all over again for my birthday ... that's right ... 29 years old, last year of my twenties friends! Next year we will have to have a 30th blow out bash!

We went to dinner for my birthday with my family before they went back home ... 

We celebrated in Louisville with Chris's family and I got the CUTEST Christmas ornament from his mom ... 

It's so hard to see in the pic but its sooo cute a little engagement ring in a box :) Love it! Thanks Cathi! <3 

On my actual birthday Chris surprised me and we took the day off and went to Cincinnati to go shopping, eat dinner and spend the night! :) It was so fun! We needed the break away for a night and I am so glad he thought of it... not much gets past me ha but I was totally surprised! 

I haven't taken pics of anything else I got except these ... my NEW FRYE BOOTS! 
Ahhh I am obsessed with them! I lusted over them for a few weeks but couldn't find them in Lex and didn't want to order them because I wanted to try them on first ... then finally stumbled across them at Nordstrom and they had one pair left, size 6, meant to be! Ha! 

The birthday celebration continued this week with a girls dinner with a few of my girlfriends ... 

We went to dinner and had a fun night! 

I had an awesome birthday!! :) 
The kids made me the absolute sweetest and best cards I have ever gotten ... we celebrated with them some too and over all it was a great birthweek lol this last year was such a great year full of so many blessings and I am so thankful! #Blessed. 

I need to make a 30 Before 30 List soon!!! 
How fun is that? If you have one on your blog please share :) 

In case you're wondering how my baby is ... 

Frankie got his Christmas bow tie in the mail this past week and he looks so handsome in it ... 

He's been sleeping with his new favorite lamb and he hugs her at night ;) hahaha so sweet!

He begged for turkey for 3 straight days!! 

And then he wore his favorite sweater for me on my birthday and cuddled with me :) 
Love his face! 

AND ... 
I'll give you a sneak peek at my business Christmas cards that I send to clients ...
This years is the BEST yet ... and look at little Frankie ... 

Hahahaha! How cute is that? Freaking love it! 
Can't wait to share the entire card!! 

I got to cuddle this sweet baby boy this week ... 

How sweet is that face? Love him!

Now just a photo dump of some of my recent faves...

So pretty! :) 

Haha he cracks me up! 
Boy clothes are my new favorite thing ... they're so cute and he looks so stylish ;)

Before Black Friday shopping ... this girl was a total trooper! 
She told me someone scared her and told her their were too many people and she would get lost and so she was a little nervous to go poor thing :(  ... But as soon as I reassured her that was the most ridiculous thing ever, and of course she would never get lost and she would have a blast but that we just had to stick together, she was ready to go! And go she did! 
She lasted from 8pm until 3:30am!! That did include Starbucks and Dip n Dots haha but hey, it was her first Black Friday experience so she deserved it ;)
She was so proud of herself for going and staying up late and couldnt wait to tell her sister the next morning and rub it in lol cracked us up.  

At dinner the other night after having some Christmas pics taken ...

I think that's it for now :) 

Tomorrow I am posting about my new favorite headband store on ETSY! 
Don't miss it, they are so super cute I am obsessed. 

Tonight I am off to a Christmas Panty Exchange Party with some girlies! So fun! 
Can't wait to share those pics ha! 

Happy December!
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  1. What beautiful pictures! Your hair always looks so good. Love Frankie too -- we have a Yorkie named Blue. It is precious how he has his paw around the stuffed animal!

  2. Love the boots! You should totally do a 30 before 30 list! Here's mine -

  3. Love your new ornament. Love your new Frye boots. Love the pictures of your family and those cute kids.

    I ordered some Frye boots, FINALLY, and they didn't work (couldn't get over my "athletic" calves). I wanted to cry. Haha.

  4. Love all your fun pictures! I am so bummed, I took no pics over Thanksgiving!! Argh! Anyway - curious - are your birthday dinner pictures taken at Shakespeare? I'm really wanting to go there and that decor made me curious :)

  5. You look so, so pretty! I've been missing you and your blogging, sweet girl! Glad you had a great birthday and a Happy Thanksgiving : )

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