Sunday, December 2, 2012

Panties & Headbands :)

Well before I start with my new favorite headbands on Etsy ... I must share the fun night I had last night...

The Annual Girl's Christmas Panty Party
Hosted By: The Beautiful Miss Dana #2 ;) lol 

How pretty is that little lady and her hostess-ness?? Love her!!

She did it right let me tell you ... when we walked up to the front door she had little cute drinks on ice for you to grab before you even walked in the door! Now THAT is a hostess ha

Look at this cute Christmas decor :)

I mean it was the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!

Pretty ladies!  
Had so much fun with all these girls! 

 About to listen to a cute poem and pass our panties :)

3 High School Besties ;)
Casey, myself and Emily

Can you tell Casey was happy to see us?? lol

How cute are those headbands she made also?? I mean so freaking cute and crafty! ;) 

Blurry :( Boo! But love Miss Ellen! 

Now for the panties ... 
lucky Dana got the best ones of the night!!!

 Super glittery and so adorable!

 Look at that lovely lady ... a cute pink lacy pair for the miss PinkLouLou herself!

Until she had a little panty mishap, and got stuck on the pantry door .. hahahahaha! This really did happen!
Love you girl but that is so funny!

Everyone with their panties on ha! 

What panties did I end up with you ask?
Super cute ones of course ....

Very festive ha 

I had SO much fun last night ... playing games, swapping panties (that just plain sounds funny), hanging out with the girls and just sharing the Christmas cheer... in a fun, eventful kind of way, lol!
Thanks Dana for having us all over to your new lovely abode .. Love ya! xo

Ok, now for my headband obsession ... 

Have you heard of Three Birds Nest Etsy Shop?
If not, you do now, and you will love her stuff! 

I LOVE these new lace headbands ...
I got the cream and black ones, and I am just obsessed with them!

(This pic is kinda gross sorry had just got done getting a spray tan ha!)

But aren't they cute? 
I love them! 
They are perfect for a ponytail/didn't wash your hair kinda day! ;)

It is beginning to look a little more like Christmas in our house! 
Finally got the big tree almost finished ... started Frankie's tree tonight (yes he has a tree, is that even a question?!?) Then just have to pull out the kids trees and the trees will be done! I've done the mantle .. and have the stair handrail left to do along with some other little nick knack patty whacks around the house!

Pics to come this week once I get everything finished! 
Geez it's like a week process these days having to decorate ... Thank goodness Chris does the outside so I don't have to fool with that at least! ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Love the party idea... makes the cookie swap I was contemplating seem tame. We might need to change up the theme!

  2. OMGosh!! I love this idea! I pinned it, and I hope to do one of these next year. So awesome!

  3. Oh my gosh!! Looks like tons of fun!
    I am going to a similar party next week, I can't wait! What a great idea, those cute little drinks at the door!

    How fun!


  4. What an awesome party idea! We're the drinks in ornaments?! How cute! Totally adding those headbands to my Christmas list!

  5. This looks like so much fun! Love the idea :)

  6. Those headbands look so adorable! Must buy one. ASAP!

  7. That Christmas party looks like so much fun! I saw the jello shots with the cherries that PLL posted on IG..what a great way to keep your hands clean! Your friend did a great job!

    Love those headbands..not usually a headband kinda girl, but I think those might work!

  8. ok. how come when you put on a lace headband with a pony, you look all cute and chic and if i put that thing on my head? i'd look like miss hannigan about to go wash my face and turn in for the night??? because YOU are adorable. that's why. and now i want those headbands. and to go to a panty party with you and PLL! oh my goodness, what fun!

    merry december, sweet girl :)

  9. So cute! Looks so good on you!

  10. Still so sad I had to miss the party :( However, I am obsessed with those adorable headbands. Must order asap!

  11. Just found your blog from The Daily Tay's, sooo stinking cute!! I am your newest follower. Panty parties are THE BEST! My friends and I had one in college, except our decoration was non existent haha this was so cute!

  12. New follower!!! Love your blog!!! Where are your boots from?? So cute!!!!


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