Monday, December 3, 2012

Elf Update ...

You may remember our elf, Mr. Jingles ...
 the kids love him... this year for some reason they actually are enjoying him more I think. Literally as soon as Jake opens his eyes he is ready to run around the house and look for him.
If the girls wake up before us, I can hear them tip toeing around the house whispering "he's not in here, look in there, where is he??" ... haha it is hysterical!
He is a sneaky little thing let me tell ya!

The first day he appeared, he brought elf "friends" for the kids ... ones they can actually TOUCH and cuddle and play with. They carry them around everywhere, its cute!

They walked into the Dining Room to eat breakfast before school and were SO surprised to see him! 

How cute are those little elves? 
They all named them ... Rosie, Lilly & Nugget haha

He also brought letters from Santa!!!!

Don't think he forgot my baby ....

hahahahaha ;) 

So now that he has arrived, he's been up to lots of stuff... 
He hid in a glass in the cabinet ...

This took the kids literally almost an hour to find ... they were PANICKED he forgot to come that morning 

Jake's army men tied him up in his room and held him hostage until Jake got home from school haha... 

On my birthday he brought donuts for everyone for breakfast and then some mini ones for himself ...

IF one were to happen to try to make those ... let me tell you that I am sure it would take a VERY long time! They were little, small and look very tediously made haha :) Perfect for an elf however! 

Then last week he missed the snow and the North Pole so he was actually outside in some snow next to the car that they spotted while about to leave for school ... this was another panicked morning, the entire time they were getting ready they couldn't find him and thought he didn't come again ...

Then there he was! 
In some snow! 

He has been very tricky this year, and I can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve lol :)

Fa La La La ....
Tis the Season ;)

Mr. Jingles & Dana 
PS. Please if you haven't already ... go to Miss Katie's Blog today, read the story of a sweet girl in need of your prayers and donations!
Even if it's only $5, donate something ... every little bit counts! 
It's Christmas and there is not a better time to give to someone who needs it more than we do! 
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  1. So cute! You have great ideas! I don't have kids yet, but considered doing this with my husband just so I can join in on the Elf Fun! haha, I know that's a little weird...

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  3. Look at that little elf in the snow!

  4. So cute. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  5. You kill me, lol. When you take off your outfit each day do you have to remove your superwoman badge too?! So creative and always doing something so neat! I have high aspirations (for someday that is)! :)

  6. I love your elf! And those kids faces make my heart happy! I agree with Jill, you are superwoman!

  7. Hahaha the things y'all come up with for the elf are hilarious! The army one is my fav :)

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