Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fa la la la la laaaaaa

Guess who's back ladies?

Christmas Dana... in Full Effect! 

I have been trying so hard to make time to get our house in the proper "Christmas order" ... and I think I am finally almost there! It has not been an easy task I tell ya ... I just haven't had that Christmas spirit yet :( But now I do!!

So here's what I'm workin with so far ... 

Tree is done! 
Thank you sweet little 8lb pound baby Jesus! ;)
You really can't see it that great in this pic which is so sad because I used burlap this year and it's super cute! Burlap and red ribbon coming down and then burlap bows throughout ... I love burlap! 
I will try to take some close ups this week and post later :) 

Christmas pillows are out :) 

Instead of doing my usual garland with lights up the staircase I tried something different this year 

I did real wreaths, then stuck in some little pine cones and berrys that I got in a box of like 40 probably from Target ... and then tied some bows on and tied them to the railing. I think it's a nice different look than what I've done before, although Chris liked the garland better and said this looked a little "Grandma-ish" haha then quickly retracted his statement when he saw my face turn sad LOL ... now he says he likes it ... 
Mmmm hmmm ... I think someone might just be saying that?!? 
Anywho, I like them ... :) Wish they had lights on them though! 
What do you think? 

Mantle is done ... 

Ugh again you can't really see :(

Those are my absolute favorite in the whole world stockings from Ballards!
Had them 3 years and still loving them more and more each year!

How cute are these white snowy, glittery pine cones that I got at House by JSD
my fave holiday decor store! 
(And who also happen to be my friends and are doing our flowers for the wedding!!)

Now onto the kid's trees ... 

Ella & Ava's Tree :) 

(Kinda looks different and more clear without the lights on)

Each year they get different little personalized ornaments...

Fun little ways to remember what they were into or did each year :) 

Jake has a mini UK/Sports themes tree ...

He needs to get some more ornaments on his ha ... this year I think it will start being fun to see what he is into and what ornaments to get him :) 

Drumroll Please ... 
Frankie's Tree ;) 

That's right, he even has special little ornaments with his sweet little picturesque face in the frames ha! 
People get him ornaments every year and I always pick up a couple cute ones, so I decided this year it's time for his own tree :) it's in the kitchen next to his special mat his Aunt Emily's got us lol 

And lastly, our handy dandy countdown sign is now up ... 

(I wrote this today for Thursday when the kids are here so no the days are not accurate ha!)
But isn't that sign fun? 
We used it in some of our engagement photos also! Can't wait to see those! 

Who watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show tonight?

Hahaha I kid, I kid ... but no really, I mean could I please have one of their bodies or maybe just a part of one of their bodies for Christmas?? How can we add that to the wishlist? ;) 

JB outdid himself I thought! He was pretty good! 
His voice is a lot deeper now ... but he still sounded pretty good! 
I thought it was a great show! 

Gotta hit the sack, early closing in the morning, appointments, office work, then Ugly Christmas Sweater Party to attend that I still have nothing to wear yet for, guess I will be running tomorrow to find an ugly sweater! Pics to come, they should be good ... Im forcing Chris to wear a turtleneck bahahaha! 

XO Lovelies, 
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  1. OMG your trees are amazing!!!! Love all of them :)

  2. It's really not fair. I have 2 children and look nothing like Adrianna! Hopefully in my next life :) The house looks great! How's the wedding planning?

  3. The house looks GORGEOUS, girl! P.S. I'm in the market for a house so I've been peeking at all your listings ; ) And that Vicky sure knows how to throw a party, doesn't she? Makes me wanna never see Mexican again - although, I always seem to forget that when I sit down in front of a bowl of chips and salsa!

  4. I've been eyeballin those stockings for 2 years now.. I just can't justify buying one for myself! Cute!

  5. Love the wreaths going up the staircase! You really go all out for the holidays!

  6. Burlap is a great idea -- your tree is amazing!
    And I'm with you on the not eating after watching the VS fashion show. Well, maybe just cutting back to one glass of wine at night...

  7. Honestly, I just could not watch the fashion show this year. Especially since half the models just had babies!! Your house looks amazing.. Love the trees. And..house is just the best!! Your flowers will be amazing! I still need to know who your caterer is!

  8. I love all your trees! :) My question about your main tree is WHERE did you find the burlap!? I cannot find it anywhere in town, every place is always out! I do have a small amount my friend gave me that she had leftover from her wedding table runners, but finding it for puchase seems to be liking hunting a needle in a haystack.

  9. ooooh! i love me some christmas dana!!!!

    your house looks GORGEOUS, you little stinker! come do mine! xo

  10. Your house is beautiful! Holy crap maybe I should fly you here so you could decorate my house next year, ha. I absolutely love the girl's tree! My little cousins would pass out every time they'd see it. They love pink & Christmas, maybe we shouldn't put the two together. Their heads might explode. I'm stopping by from Living in Yellow's blog. Your blog is great. I hope you and the fam have a great Friday!


  11. Its looking so pretty! Very festive!

    Loving the little Santa hat too your wearing! How adorable!

    Happy Holidays!


  12. I am doing a Holiday Giveaway from Sephora! Hope you stop by and enter!

    Happy Holidays,

    Brooke♥ ❤ ❥

  13. Wow, I feel like an underachiever in the holiday decorating department! Everything looks great! Happy to be your newest follower :)

  14. those trees are so fun and beautiful :) and yes... I always walk away from the victoria secret fashion show and go... um yeah.... hahaha

  15. I really love your Christmas decorations, your home is full of love and creativity.

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