Saturday, February 25, 2012

Catching Up Part 2: Papaw & My New Obsessions

Well this past weekend we took a little surprise road trip... :) It was so fun to just get away and relax and visit with our family down in Virginia and Tennessee.
We planned to go down so that I could attend my cousin, Anna's, baby shower in Knoxville!

I wouldn't have missed it for the world... she is the sweetest, kindest, most caring person and through the years we have stayed close even though never really living in the same state I don't think ha ... but I was so thrilled for her and her husband when they found out they were pregnant and I was set on making sure I could attend her shower! I'm doing a separate post on this later to show her cute shower!
Before we went to Knoxville, we actually went to see my Papaw and stayed with him for two nights...I also got to see my Aunt Cathy and celebrate a super late Christmas!

My papaw is seriously one of the funniest people you would ever meet... and he doesn't even try to be.
This was him at my brother's 21st birthday party haha just being funny.. don't think he's ever had a drink of alcohol in his life which makes this even more funny.

Some of his classic one liners while we were visiting included:
(Preface.. my brother has a cute little dog named Whiskey that my Papaw met last time we were there)
Papaw: "How's that dog of yours? Does he pass out a lot?
My Brother: "He's good... and no, why would he pass out?
Papaw: "With a name like that I figured he'd be passed out all the time"
You just have to know him, he doesn't even laugh when he says this stuff... which makes it even more funny! hahaha
My Brother: " Papaw, is Cracker Barrel ok with you for breakfast tomorrow?
Papaw: "Why I guess that would be fine, but I gotta eat more than crackers"
Another good one...
Me: On my phone, looking at Facebook
Papaw: "What are ya doin? Tweetering?"
Me:"No hahahaha I'm looking on Facebook Papaw, and it's Twitter or tweeting...not tweetering!
Papaw: "Well whatever it's called... don't matter much to me... these computers are the mark of the beast! They won't be around much longer...
HAHAHAHA ... mark of the beast??  LOL that's classic
and my personal favorite was ...
Me: "What is that building going to be that's going up down the street?"
Papaw: 'Oh they said it's going to be another place to eat ... somethin called the Olive Garden... I suppose that's where they grow olives... in their garden..."
Pretty clever he is... prettttty clever ha.
Even more funny hearing him say these things... you honestly can't help but crack up! He is too much.
We took him to White Top Mountain in VA ... it was pretty cool I must admit.. I am not the "mountain" type and felt like I was going to vomit the entire ride up there on the curvy roads while my ears were popping nonstop ha. But once we got up there it was awesome... it was beautiful that day .. sunny and 55 degrees... but the elevation is so high up that it was freezing up on top and ice all over the trees! Crazy!!

How pretty is that? Look at those mountains!

Me and Papaw :) Can you tell I was freeeeezing up there? ha

Chris and I :)

My brother, Chris.

It was a good time for sure! Beautiful place!

We had a great time, can't wait to see him again for Keeneland when he is coming up to stay with us for a weekend!

Now, because I have been a blogging slacker lately... I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things right now... just for fun :)

I FINALLY jumped on the band wagon and got one of these...

Clarisonic Mia

She is my new BFF.

I don't know why I have waited this entire time to get one... PinkLouLou and ShastaAnne raved about them probably a year ago and I don't know why I didn't listen then?! It is amazing. Period. Love it.
Now I will say, it is making my face break out for a minute, just to totally keep it real for ya ha. But I am fighting thru the break out because I know it is just doing it's job and bringing out the dirt. I have faith it will go away in a day or so. My face has never felt softer and it looks more glowing kind of?
How cute is that bracelet? We all know my obsession with bracelets... cheap and/or expensive.. I love them all, especially if they have glitter ha. This one above I just got today... from Crewcuts... the kid's part of JCrew... for $10.50 :)
Love it! They have different colors too. But I like the gold the best!

My next obsession...

These smoothie Yoplait mixes!
They are delicious!

You just add milk and the mix (and a little peanut butter which is my fave!) then Voila! Amazingness!

My favorite flavor is ...

Triple Berry! So good and actually keeps me full for half the day pretty much!


I am obsessed with side pony braids.... so quick and easy and cute... love them!

Do you love them?
I think they will be fun for the Summer too!

Well that's all I've got for today..

OH wait ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mom!! Today is her actual birthday but we are celebrating tomorrow night for dinner :) Love ya Mom! XO
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  1. Ok the Papawisms are PRECIOUS!! I love old people!!

    Happy birthday to your momma!! xoxo

  2. : ) I know this is older, but if you are still in the VA Beach area, we would love to have you, come check out our hair salon on Shore Drive: (you can even book online)


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