Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Baby Godson Bday!

August 12th my sweet baby Godson (yes Kelly I am saying Godson again hahaha) turned 2 years old!
Connor Jackson Chumley :)
I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane... sorry Chrissy... you didn't approve this post or these pics, and for those of you who know her, you know I could be in MAJOR trouble for this haha oh well <3
Can't believe it! It feels like yesterday when we took this pic....
One of the most fun Bachey Parties EVER!! What a blast we had..."Chrissy's Bringin Sexy Back" hahaha This was the era of Justin Timberlake obviously!
Next it was this...
We all ventured on out to Edisto Island for the Big Day! So pretty and so fun! :)
After waiting and waiting for all us to get to be "aunts", we finally heard the news and were so excited!!
Of course we were on to planning the party... 
The baby shower of all baby showers! Loved it! Still remember everything about it!
Ok Chrissy really don't kill me now... but this is so sweet... moments before baby Connor arrived...
Mommy and Daddy waiting...

ALL the Aunts in the hallway DYING for him to come to the window ;) Seems like yesterday!!

GiGi and Connor!
(Schub, remember when it took you like 10 minutes to realize the "nurse" was Pat? hahahaha)

Look at that little sweet thing! Soo tiny! Gees Louise!

This time last year a big boy turned 1!!

Love this pic! HAHA!

Cutest thing ever!

Time sure does fly! And he's not even mine and I feel like I wish he was a baby again ha :(

Now time for this years party...a Barn Animal Party... precious as always! Great job Chrissy!
Here are some randoms from the party...

Handsome Birthday Boy :) Love him!

Lookin so stylish!

Me, Heather & Chrissy (wish I had an old school 6th grade pic to put beside this haha)

Kendall & Steph

Yummy cake!

Patty Lu & Carla

Oh Lordy haha crazy girls! We walked upstairs and this was their "game" hahahaha

Opening his dog book from Frankie ;)

Scott (that's weird for me to say but I won't put your other name ha) & Diane

Lovin on his GiGi ... soo sweet!

LOL Kennedy the little model!

David & Kelly :)

Heather & Carla (this is a framer, I will email to you!)

me and Chris <3

Heather and her girls!



This is so cute!

Pretty sure he still has cake stuffed into his mouth like a chipmunk!

Ella, Ava & Jake :)

Again with the food in his mouth ha I think this child ate all night!! <3

And I will leave you with this....

These crazy kiddos enjoying their "goodie barns" after the party and all the fun things inside them!
These glasses were a hit and this was their random pose to send to Chrissy and say thanks for having us!

Happy 2nd Birthday CJ!
We Love you to pieces!!!!!
(Chrissy - my whole selfish goal in this post was to make sure by the time you were done reading you would want to have another baby hahahaha!!!! Shhh... don't tell Eric though!!)

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  1. Time definitely flies once you have kids! By the way, it was like a little reunion show for me scrolling through your pics. There were several familiar faces that I hadn't seen in a long, long time. I grew up with Kendall's brother, Chris, and Stephanie was a few years younger than me in school but friends with some of my friends. And then Carla was the receptionist at my mom's chiropractor for years - she's a doll! Great pictures!


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