Saturday, August 20, 2011

An old person Friday night!

Let me start by saying, I was so worn out from this past week that Chris and I had such an old person Friday night last night! We went to Sam's Club... where I met this little diddy that I will be getting sometime in the near future (I want to read the reviews on it and see what she's all about, but I'm thinking she could be life changing)... What would her name be??

Does anybody have one of these or know if they are good??

Then we came home, fixed dinner and he watched TV while I cleaned out my closet! hahaha :( Pathetic I know, but it needed to happen. I hate when things are messy and somehow in the last couple of weeks my closet had spiraled out of control. I bagged up 5 bags of clothes to go to Goodwill and some to give to other people I know. It literally took me 2 hours! But this morning I woke up and looked in there and felt like I could breath ha :)



This is the left side... the right side is still a tad work in progress haha
I still don't know what to do with all my scarves hanging up there, they look messy still but idk ?

My weekly magazines this week that came out contained my most favorite issue ALL year long...

In Style's FALL Issue! Let me tell you it is a whopping 638 pages!!
Can't wait to read it and get excited for Fall clothes!

PS. Our Ann Taylor in the mall got a major facelift and so did their clothes designer's brain, because they literally have the cutest clothes ever right now, I want everything in there! Major cute shoes, bags, jewelry and everything! It's not "mom" clothes anymore .. but major cuteness you can work in or wear out!

This is my absolute favorite song right now... Love it! If you don't have it, hop on over to iTunes right now and get it! I have a slight obsession with Miranda Lambert so I pretty much love anything that is her anyway... but these ladies together are really good! (Pause my playlist at the bottom before you listen!)

Yayy for Pistol Annies!

Lastly, today is my dad's birthday!!! :)

Happy Birthday Dan!  <3 ya!
We are having a mini cookout at my house this afternoon to celebrate so I'm sure I will have pics to post!

Have a great weekend!!!
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  1. Dana - this will fix your scarf problem, I have three of these hangers - LOVE them!!

  2. Vacuums, closet cleaning, and the InStyle fall issue!!! You're speaking my language! These things excite me, especially the InStyle.

    Love that photo of you and your pops.. You should have that in a big giant frame somewhere!

  3. If you go to the Container Store's website, they have an amazing scarf hanger for $5. I have several of them but they hold an insane amount of scarves!

  4. I use this for my scarves. It works great!

    P.S. I love an old person Friday night!

  5. Love love Pistol Annies! There debut was amazing :)


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