Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have a whole bunch of randomness in this blog so apologies now for it :)

Can anyone else but me not believe that school has started back? I feel like Summer came and went and just can't believe its school time! Ugh! Back to waking up early on Thursdays for me ha wasn't quite ready for that! But it was a good morning and the girls were ready to go!....

Cuteness on 1st Day of School ...

Ava ~ 1st Grade!
(Poor Ava, had the cutest Purple dress picked out to wear on the 1st day of school since we bought it, like in May I think haha and then had PE class on the first day and had to wear tennis shoes! bless her heart! :( lol)
Ella ~ 3rd Grade

3rd graders are too cool to have their picture taken in class, in front of their friends haha she was not feeling it, so we opted for the candid shots ;) Still so cuteness though!

Speaking of school ... my little Kenzy started 7th grade this year... and she is pretty and sweet...

Love you kenz! Good luck at school :)

I think I totally forgot to post our fun times from Kings Island a couple of weeks ago!?!?!  Maybe you will remember this pic from Dollywood back in the beginning of Summer....? Jake's first "scary" kind of ride... the Log Drop Off thingy which in all honesty was kind of scary lol

Hahahahahah... ok well Kings Island he was way more excited and not really as scared this time.... so we tried another one only this was an actual roller coaster (not a major one, only the Woodstock Express ha) but that is major enough for Jake... he did good this time though.... :)

This time Chris didn't freak out that he would fly out and hold him down ha, and Jake LOVED it! I love these pics, they always make me laugh so hard! I know it is silly to pay $15 for one pic at those places, but they are so worth it really bc they make us laugh forever!

When we were leaving Kings Island we saw people set up doing those cartoon kinda drawings... and I was OBSESSED with getting them done, I remember doing them when my brother and I were little and I think (you never know with Lynda though and her throwing everything away ha) we probably still have them somewhere. So the kids were so excited... the girl did a great job, then Chris and I decided to get one too... We were so glad we did. When we got home, I took them to Hobby Lobby and got them framed and this is the outcome...

LOL pretty cute... she really did a pretty good job for looking at us for like 10 minutes total.
I love these... if anyone goes to Kings Island you should totally do them... the kids look at them nonstop haha!

Ok, who watches Pretty Little Liars?????????

If you don't you are SERIOUSLY missing out! I am so addicted it's not even funny.

And if you don't watch it... you should just because of Toby...

love him! he is def my fave on the show!! How old is this boy? ha hopefully not super young or I will feel bad ha.

Ok... It is driving me nuts... Who the H is "A" ????
Any thoughts???

Do you think it's Allison and she's not really dead and she's stalking them???

Do you think it's Jenna?? She's a little creepy and she's obviously shady and plotting something against the PLL's...??

I am really trying to figure it out! Without googling it and reading the spoilers online haha. So if you've done that please don't tell me!! :) But please do tell me what your thoughts are?!?!

Brace yourself....
Found this on Pinterest.... really need one for Frankie and myself hahahahaha you will die...

Can't you see me now running (ok let's be honest, it would be walking briskly ha) down Tates Creek Rd with him on my hip like this??

Hahahahahahahaha I love it! I need one lol

Lastly, several people have asked what blush/bronzer I use...and I am happy to share because I love this and it lasts so long, I have had mine for over 2 years now and wear it every single day. I use MAC bronzer, but this I use as blush...
It is a lot of colors but if you just swoosh your brush around all of them, that is my favorite mix!
It's $39.00 but seriously lasts forreevvverr! And I'm pretty sure it works with all skin tones, you can use more or less depending on how tan you are :)

That's it for tonight... kiddos are having a slumber party in our room...

LOL Frankie... always has to be in the mix :) Love his little heart!

Hope you're having a good weekend!!!
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  1. Oh my gosh... How adorable is that slumber party!!

  2. seriously? I just typed a huge long comment and then it didn't post. M.F.

    lets see if I can say everything again

    Those first day of schoolness pics are so precious. Love them. My oldest starts "school" this fall and I am SO EXCITED!! TWO FULL HOURS with just my youngest babe? heaven!!

    Also, I have never seen PLL. Is it really THAT good to add to my already overflowing tivo'd shows?? ahh!! why does trash TV have to be so good??

    also, please get that dog fannypack and then blog about it???

    I would LOVE to read.

  3. OMG how funny is that dog fanny pack thing?! haha.

    just found your blog- so cute! #following :)

  4. PLL is my must see of the week. I've thought from day 1 that it was Jenna, but I always think they try to throw us off. I just want to know who it is!

  5. I had to take a double take because Ava looks just like Stephanie Tanner from Full House in those school pictures! So cute!


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