Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Mondays!

Still obsessed with Pinterest, still want to stay up all night looking at cute stuff, lol
Look at all this cuteness I have found... :)

Monogrammed Balloons...Must.Find.These! Love them :)

This picture makes my mouth water ha So yummy... will try these soon and let you know, but thinking they would be awesome for tailgating!!

Love everything about it this! Look at her arm candy! AHHH! So cute!

How cute is this?? You could do it on and do it on the first and last day of school every year!

Another laundry room obsession... love this rug!!

Um this is amazing... how excited would you be if this was your back yard????

Love this Polyvore collection for Fall :)

Cute lunch idea :)

Lastly, I love this, I want to frame it! :) Makes me happy!!

Enjoy your Monday!
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  1. that backyard is adorable! As much as I love pinterest I try not to open it TOO much...especially at work...SO dang addicting!

  2. I LOVE the backyard movie theater! Have you seen the closet with the washer and dryer in it! I die!

  3. that rug is amazing! I love it. and all the other pins too :) have a great day!!

  4. ok so i tried to post on your blog 100 times yesterday and it wouldn't let me! since you are having the same problem, i thought i'd share something i learned this morning... instead of posting from internet explorer, i opened a page in safari and it let me post! don't see what the disconnect is... but it worked! p.s. love the outdoor space!!!!


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