Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun Friday Game!

I found this fun game over at Keep Calm and Carry On (love her blog and her dog!) and thought it was fun and cute and decided to play too! Would love to read your all's answers too!!
1. Tribal or Aztec? I'm probably more of a tribal person... I think... ? ;) Does that mean leopard etc?

2. Girly or boho? Definitely more girly I would say. I like all things girly!

 3. Floral or paisley? I am not a floral Paisley would be my pick.

4. Chunky or single bracelet? Chunky!!!!! I am a bracelet wacko {see previous Arm Candy Post} I am loving these bracelets for Fall right now...
Lulu Frost for J.Crew wide Deco bangle
JCrew - LOVE this!
Bhati Beads Silk Planets bracelet
Another JCrew... comes in 4 colors
Would you die to have all these on your arm together?? Love them!!

5. Layered or single necklace? I love the layered necklace look, however, IRL I am more of a single necklace kinda gal... my two fave necklaces right now are:
My initial necklace, love it so much, am dying for a gold script one and more colors lol!
Ann Taylor... on sale for $32 :)  

6. Nude pumps or red heels? This was easy for me, I would wear nude pumps with everything. They are my fave, they make your legs look tanner and longer, and they just looks classy in my opinion. These are my fave pair, I got them at the beginning of the summer because my last nude pair broke...and love them!
They really are not that uncomfortable either!

7. Voluminous or lengthening mascara? I have an obsession with the perfect mascara. I have been a MAC old school Pro Lash addict for several years, try a million in between and also go back to MAC ProLash. I had a gift card and actually went to Macy's yesterday to run to MAC (turned in 24 recycled products lol so got 3 free lipsticks!). They had the brand new mascara False Lashes at the counter... so even though I'm a skeptic, I saw this pic and thought what the heck... I will try it...
MAC False Lashes Mascara
MAC False Lashes Mascara
I haven't used it yet, but when I do today I will let you all know... :)
Normally I go for lengthening though!!

8. Smashbox or NARS?  I have never used Smashbox makeup (gasp!) but have tried NARS blush and really like it so I would say maybe NARS!

9. Foundation or tinted moisturizer? Tinted Moisturizer. I don't do foundation!

10. Cream blush or benetint?  Never tried either one of them!! I'm a powder blush person!

11. Liquid liner or gel liner? Liquid! Love the little pots from MAC, stays on all day! 

12. Highlighting or contour? Highlighting for sure!!!   

13. Sephora or Ulta? Sephora. 

14. CVS or Walgreens? Tough one, I don't really go to either...?

15. Touch up stick or liquid concealer? Touch up stick I think.  
16. Tanning mousse or tanning bed? Last year I went to the tanning bed only 6 or so times the entire winter which was a HUGE thing for me because I love the tanning bed! So with trying to stay out of it, I moved on to spray tans, and self tanning... but I won't lie, I will prob sneak in the t-bed a couple times over winter for events and parties and stuff! Real sun is my fave!

17. Feathers or no feathers? Feathers are cute, but not for me! I don't judge though, I see them on other people and think they look super cute. I just don't think I would get them... maybe I am not brave enough ha! But they are cute!

18. Curling wand or curling iron? Curling iron for sure! Don't know about that wand thing..??

19. Flat iron or blow dryer? Sadly to say, my hair requires both! I couldn't live without either one...
For those of you who use a Chi, it is time to upgrade... to the Croc! I have had mine over 2 years and absolutely love it. You can adjust the temperature and I think it is way better on my hair!
Now I do use my Chi blow dryer and have had it almost 5 years maybe...? A long time! It stopped working and I was devastated and went to Ulta to buy a new one, and a sweet stylist there told me the best news ever! You can take off the back cover and clean out the little vent filter thingy and it will more than likely work again... I went home, did what she said (didn't even know after having it for 5 years that that thing even screwed off on the back lol) and it works like brand new!!!!!

20. Messy bun or ponytail? Ponytail all the way!

21. Braid or fishtail? Braid.  

Can't wait to see your all's answers too! Comment and let me know if you blog about it :)

Today I have a slow Friday for a change and not gonna lie, I'm kind of loving it... I got caught up on DVR this morning... worked on the computer for a bit, now I am going to clean my house and possibly sit outside in the sun for an hour or so :) I am dying to see like 4 movies right now... so think maybe tonight Chris and I will go and check one out!

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  1. you sister what is what brand shoe. I heart. and I WANT.

  2. I use that exact mascara from MAC and love it.


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