Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carrie has done it again...Happy Easter!

I have so many pictures to share of our Easter festivities so far, but for now I just want to share this...
I hope you and your families have a very blessed Easter! My favorite holiday! I am so thankful and blessed only because Jesus died on a cross for me, and rose again so that I could be forgiven of all my sins. It is unimaginable, hard to fathom and today brought tears to my eyes while singing about it at church. I will be forever grateful! So to share that with you, I will leave you with Ms Carrie Underwood doin her thang... LOVE THIS video! PinkLouLou this is for you too ;)
 Happy Easter!
 (pause the playlist before watching!)

(sorry I couldnt get the video clip to upload for some reason?)
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  1. AHH! I love it!! I am just now seeing this girlie! I didn't check bloggys over the weekend. Great minds MUST think alike!! xoxo, this video made me cry!


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