Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!
Thank goodness for the SUNSHINE that we were blessed with today.... I needed it!

I will start with American Idol tonight... wow, it was awesome! Casey stole the show!! He is amazing...
He sang a great song and NAILED it... I loved him tonight... I watched it twice haha here it is in case you missed it, or are just like me and want to watch it again! (mute my playlist at the bottom before you view!)

I sure think he's got a great shot at winning! :)

My dad got me this book for Christmas and I have been reading it on and off before bed some nights and it really is an awesome book! So uplifting, positive, inspirational (kind of like K-Love ha).

Just because I know it's hard for me to pick up a book and read it, I will share with you some of my favorite quotes so far from the book so you can see how great it is...

"Let your feelings subside, before you decide..."

"If we keep our attitudes up and positive, we will continue to climb higher and higher in life and be able to soar. But if our attitudes are down and negative, we will fall and stay on the ground of life, never to make the journey God has planned for us."

Four Steps that will allow you to have Stress-Free Relationships and Enjoy Peace w/ People:
1. Develop & maintain peace with God and with yourself.
2. Don't expect people to be perfect, because they won't be, and you aren't either.
3. Don't expect everyone to be like you... because they aren't.
4. Be an encourager, not a discourager!(Huge one to me! I hope I am viewed as an encourager to others!)

"A wise person refuses to live with hurt feelings or offense in his heart! Life is too short to waste one day being angry, bitter and resentful!"! You must read it! It is life changing.

Now we will celebrate two birthdays..... Yipee!
Happy 21st Birthday to my baby brother... Chris...:)
I did not get to see him today because he is too cool for his sister and went to chill with his friends ha but we are celebrating this weekend at Keeneland! And I have another cute cake on order so will post pics after! But for now, I will leave you with this... remember when you were 21? So fun!!

This was on his facebook today, I think my mom took it at his house lol love the glasses, balloon and that nastiness in your hand! (insert gagging noise, that is the worst alcohol taste on the planet)
Happy birthday, I love you and am glad you are my little brother! ;)

Also... we need to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ... (Follow me here...) Frankie's Cousin, Chris's (Boyfriend) Brother, and Cathi's son... hahah BEAU! Happy 7th Birthday Beau!! We love you! XO

 If you haven't caught on yet, we are a dog lovin family... both sides, Gentry & Jackson side! ;)

I am still sickie, blah, think it's allergies... but have been working through it and am pooped!
Trying to stay awake long enough to watch a new wedding show by Tori & Dean (my absolute favorite TV couple, we even have matching master bedroom window treatments, and it was totally not planned I am not joking! I will post a pic one day!)

Can't wait to watch it I am sure it will be great! (and if it isn't I will still blog about it) ;)
It is on Wednesday nights at 10pm on Oxygen.
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  1. those quotes are great, you have me sold!- my thoughts and feelings definitely get the best of me sometimes! Thanks for posting :)

  2. Almost at 100 girlfriend!! xoxo


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