Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sick/Easter/Blog Shout Out blahhhhh! :(
I don't know if it was the standing outside last night for 7 hours waiting for/watching the game (which I felt great for and even sported my new UK watch, thanks to my mom!!) ...
(Cute huh? I thought it was going to be lucky, but apparently not LOL :( I won't even go there in this post either)
 or if it is allergies... but this little lady is feeling like poo poo. Sore throat, headache, body aches, stuffy nose, I swear even my eyeballs are hurting. Thanks goodness a bunch of good shows are on tonight to take my mind off of it! And thank goodness for my little sweet boy who likes to lay with his mama... literally on my legs 24/7 :)
While laying in bed all day (of course the day it is freaking 75 degrees and beautiful outside, I am stuck inside) I decided to just browse the ol' Etsy website and search for some cute Easter ideas for the kiddos... I found this which I think is adorable and only $20...? Could that be right?
personalized Easter basket set
Of course it would not be butterflies but more like bunnies or Easter eggs lol but thought it was a precious idea and it can be found here:
Then I found these super cute Easter buckets which I am thinking, if I had some time (which I may have tomorrow if I am still in this rut ha) I might be able to pull these off myself. So a trip to Hobby Lobby may be in my near future ;)
I mean how cute are these??? I could totally copy those... and get some cute ribbon I think... and then fill with LOTS of Easter goodies (have I mentioned how much I LOVE Easter and that it is prob my fave holiday?) I am thinking probably some Sharpie Paint Pens will be the best thing to use. Any other suggestions?
I am also thinking of making one of these oh so cute banners, courtesy of one of my new found favorite blog-etts, Shasta Anne where you can see exact DIY directions for making these cute little dittys!
How cute would that be for Easter on some cute bunny paper or something? lol great project!
I would like to now give a Blog Shout Out to my friend, Kelly, who has recently started a super cute blog titled "A Blonde Meets a Blog"
I will let her tell you about some of our fun times, but just a quick pic of how she rolls...Nashville/Bachelorette style of course (pre-newlywed but thats ok) lol
So FUN! What a great weekend we had! :) If Kelly will let me, I will soon post a picture of her then fiance, now husband, whom I refer to as "Gar" on a poster that was involved in a bachelorette party game we played ;) Or hey that would be a great post for you Kelly! bahaha
Quick update... I am only 5 FRIENDS away from 100, at which point I am going to do a give-away, not sure what yet, but I will think of something fabulous don't you worry your little heart.
Off to watch my shows, but lastly, if you are following thank you so much! I am loving this and its so fun to have something to do as a stress relief from everything else I do! If you are reading and not a follower yet, thats ok! But please "Follow" and help me get to 100 so we can do a give-away!!!
Have a great week!
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  1. i'm an adpi alum and recognize a few of the girls in that picture :) i think a little crafting is the best medicine and therapy. post pictures of your finished product!

  2. cute blog Dana!
    I had no idea Sharpie had paint pens. that's so awesome! crafting is definitely a good hobby. i hope you're feeling better!


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