Saturday, April 9, 2011

A day with the Ponies! (and some bball boys!)

It's only 10:30pm on Saturday night and I literally feel like a zombie. This has been a hectic last couple of days, but so much fun! My brother celebrated his 21st birthday this past week so my Aunt Cathy and her husband, Alex, and my Papaw came up from Virginia to celebrate and go to opening weekend at Keeneland!

For those of you who may not live in Lex, or who have never been to Keeneland, it is a special, unique experience. Us Lexingtonians wait for months for opening day! Here are a couple quick pics...
It was packed, I mean PACKED!
I liked this one's hair... super stylish and cute! :)

My (actually borrowed from my mom bc she never wears them) Cowboy Boots, perfect for Keeneland!
(From the Boot Store in Nicholasville I believe, and yes they are PINK!!!)

Me and Chris :) Love this pic!

My dad... really in the zone with his glasses and pen in hand, lol trying to win big! (Didn't happen ha)

Little Family pic, me, mom, Papaw, my Aunt Cathy (who is in remission from Ovarian Cancer and looks awesome now!! so happy for her!!) and her husband, Alex
This one has a story... I turn around and Chris is sitting on a random bench talking to these two ladies, for like 15 minutes! I am like what the heck is he doing...?? So I walk over, and he introduces me to the lady who's name is also Chris (won't forget that, add it to my list of Chris's haha) and is needing to put her house on the market and doesn't have a Realtor :) YAYY what a good little recruiter he is, lol Hope she calls me!

Now for the best part of the day ....
WARNING: I get a little "UK Basketball Player Star-Struck"
Look at who we happened to run into ... :) which of course I had to have a picture with:

Me and DeAndre Liggins ... and I'm pretty sure he is my favorite!

Doron Lamb, he looks kinda high but I think that's just how his eyes are ha and he is really nice!

Look who else I ran into...
 My BFF Steph and my step-son (by my BFF), Blaine ;) lol if you didnt follow that, it's too long of a story to tell now, long story short, I am Blaine's step-dad, but that title will be revoked this October when she becomes Mrs.Stephanie Bristow!! (then I will go back to having an "aunt" title ha)

It was a great day! Today we had more fun activites but I will have to do those in another blog...Part 2 of this one maybe...coming soon!
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  1. cute outfit! looks like fun.. my BF has family up there and they were there also!


  2. You look precious D! xoxo Ask Emily Ryan about her Liggins story, he texted her!! haha


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