Monday, April 25, 2011


Boy is this a story for ya... and for those of you who know me, you will not be surprised by my antics!

Yesterday morning I woke up with the mindset to have a wonderful Easter! My family was coming over, we were cooking and eating all of my faves, going to hang out and just have a fun day at the house. We went to Easter church service on Saturday night (seperate post to come to showcase the after pics of the Easter baskets!) so that we could relax and cook on Sunday. So, back on track, I woke up and decided to just run to Kroger real quick to get some last minute things. I figured mostly everyone would be at church and not Kroger, so I walked out the door without brushing teeth, purple leopard pajama pants, no bra (TMI sorry) and my hair was a hot mess! Oh well. I was in a hurry and it was a flipping MONSOON outside! Pouring rain, I mean absolutely pouring! So I am driving down Tates Creek Rd. in the hurricane and I see something dart across the street... a dog... great... I have been known to randomly stop traffic and risk my life to save a stray dog... so I kind of keep an eye on it, it's in the middle of the road, runs in front of a van and almost gets hit. I SLAM on my brakes (don't know if there was a car behind me didn't even look, didn't care) pulled onto the side of the road, get out in the monsoon and start calling her! I am drenched, soaking wet, after about 30 seconds. I open my back car door and surprisingly enough she runs into my back seat!

Call Chris... head back home.. tell him I don't have groceries I have a dog. He thinks I'm joking, a cruel joke that I have a sister for Frankie for Easter haha... no joke, true story, soaking wet dog in my back seat. :)

 Who happens to think she can fit in Jake's carseat!

She has no tags, the Humane Society is closed for the holiday, no signs up missing a dog, no leads, nothing. So I tie her up out back while I go inside to get her food and water and towels, 5 minutes max I am gone. I go back outside to take all the stuff to her, and guess what?

SHE IS GONE!! Chewed through the rope. GONE. No where in sight!
Who loses a lost dog??
Me of course! ha. PS. This is a true story. No exaggeration here.
So I get back in the car, not preparing the food I was in charge of for Easter lunch or anything, drive around, walk around, yell "here doggy" because I don't even know her dang name :( After 30 minutes I am about to give up and call it a day, and as I am driving through the back of the neighborhood I spot her!!!!! I get out, call for her, she runs and jumps back in my car haha. I have found the double lost dog! :)

I enjoy the day with my fam while she chills in the garage, no more ropes outside ha learned that lesson.
Then I go and make signs to put all over the place....

I think the zebra tape added a little extra, don't you?? ;)

By last night I was worn the heck out, she slept in the garage, Frankie was not a happy camper he knew she was out there and just couldn't quite cope with it ha.

This morning I wake up first thing and check on her. She's alive! Yay I didn't kill the lost dog! I take her to my vet and get her scanned and TA DA she has a chip!!! Praise the Lord! Long story short, I find the owner, call her from the vet, she is practically in tears that I have "Abigail" and comes straight to pick her up. We waited in the car for her mom.... and she was so happy!

When the lady pulled up to get her, she called her name and Abigail literally was so excited she JUMPED out my car window and ran to her and started jumping up on her, licking her, rolling all over her feet, it was the sweetest thing! I may or may not have cried hysterically like a freako and the lady was probably thinking OMG this crazy girl had my baby? haha I talked to her and she was so thankful and appreciate I didn't just leave her, she was 3 miles from home and never would have found her way back home :(

I left there feeling happy that sweet Abigail found her mom, happy that Frankie would still be an only child, happy that Chris wouldn't move out for me bringing home a dog haha, but would be lying if I didn't say I was a tad sad and cried driving home because I missed Abigail! Am I a crazy or what? I think I need help and admitting you have a problem is the first step lol ;)

Story of my life... I'm sure there will be another stray dog someday down the road (sorry babe), but for now, Frankie is happy it's still just me and him....

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  1. As a (crazy) dog owner also, Thank you THANK YOU Thank you for taking care of the lost dog! Peyton ran away from Mentelle Park the first weekend he lived up here with me, I found him on the off ramp of New Circle and Alumni. I handed out 60 business cards that day...and have even ran into people since then who ask about him! That was a very good Easter deed you did!

  2. that might have just been the cutest story EVER! and she was soooo cute... thank god for ID chips! they really do work!

  3. How great of you! I would (and have) done the same thing. I can't handle seeing any animal in distress. It absolutely breaks my heart.

    TG for microchips!


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