Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When I Grow Up...

I know I have shared this on facebook... I stole it from a friend...but it always makes me laugh and on this nasty "Winter but it is Spring what the heck is going on" day outside... I thought everyone might could use a good laugh too....

In this photo:
This note accompanied this first graders homework assignment on parental occupations
Dear Ms. Davis,

I want to be perfectly clear on my child's homework illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint surrounded by male customers with money. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm.

This drawing is of me selling a shovel.

Mrs. Harrington
And just for fun... in case you haven't alread seen... our KY Wildcats are pretty much famous and all the celebs want to be us ha... even Jay-Z for petes sake! LOVE it!

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

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  1. aaahahah that picture is hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. the drawing was hilarious. reminds me of when my cousin was little he wrote a story about me and my other cousin and titled it "at the bar". my aunt got a very interesting phone call from the teacher!

  3. I love it when you share this picture. It is pure comedy.


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