Friday, March 18, 2011

TOPS Wedding Issue has arrived!

I love Tops in Lex...
  It is no lie haha. I think it is such a great magazine... and I love that people in Lex can't wait until the next issue comes out. It has been a wonderful place for me to advertise and brought me lots of great clients and contacts. With that said ... the Wedding issue is one of my faves! I die. Love it.
This issue is special for two reasons...
1. I have an AMAZING ad in it that I am so excited about
2. My dear friends, Emily & Bobby, got featured as one of the 17 weddings of the year!
Here is the cover of the mag so you can look for it at Kroger or Meijer or any advertiser should have some.
Here is my Ad :) Love love love it!!

Thank you to my wonderful "newly married" clients for the fab testimonials... they were so perfect!
It looks so much better in the magazine so once you pick one up just flip on over to page 6 :)

Emily & Bobby's wedding was so beautiful and I'm so happy for her that they got featured! Here are a few pics (taken by the wonderful Melanie Mauer) I stole from her facebook because I couldn't get the actual article to convert to a jpeg (can't wait til I can be a blogging genius and figure all this out lol).

And because her wedding was so fun I decided to post these as well :)

Congratulations Emily & Bobby!
I hope everyone will pick up the issue, especially if you know someone who is engaged!

Please don't forget I would love to help you, your friends, family, or co-workers find the perfect place to spend their "Happily Ever After!" My knowledge of the Lexington Real Estate Market and ability to serve my clients speaks for itself. I appreciate and love referrals! Thank you to all those who already have referred your friends to me, I am truly thankful.

Go CATS, lets beat W. Virginia and keep my bracket going strong!
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