Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom, Birthday & Teen Mom 2 (random I know)

    Today I am up early ... Thursdays are always SO early because we get up early to get the girls ready for school, so if you ever wonder why on Thursdays I am a zombie that is why lol. I have been having major sleep issues and can't go to sleep before 1am!! I just can not function on 5 hours of least not as a nice person anyway. Yesterday I didn't leave the house, all day! I decided to stay in, clean, do laundry, do some work on the computer, clean out drawers, etc. It felt good to not put make up on or fix my hair for a day I must admit...and to just be able to get things done! I think we all need and deserve those days every once in a while!

Today, a local UK Fraternity that has done wonderful charity work around the city, is being recognized and honored for their hard work with a total makeover for their basement in the frat house... awesome! Even better, my mom was chosen as the Interior Designer ...
Cute little work picture haha

I am going to support her this morning and, lets be honest, because the news and ESPN will be there and filming the whole thing and I can't miss something huge like that lol.... so more to come on this, I will take pics and post them later today or tomorrow for everyone to see! Should be fun!

Do you watch Teen Mom 2??? If so... you will die at what was just released...
While just watching the news, well kind of facebooking and listening to the news on the TV, ha I just saw this... I am almost ashamed that I will be giving it views by posting but still...WARNING it is the trashiest thing you will ever watch and I am sorry for passing this classless act to you lol
(mute my playlist at the bottom first)

OMG are you dying? What a FREAK! I couldn't stand her on the show because I would get goosebumps when her and her even trashier mom would scream and yell at each other in front of Jace (1 yr old) ughh it would drive me crazy! Then she met Kieffer... what a TOTAL loser...and now she is beating up some girl like a true trashbag and letting it be video taped for the whole world to see. Wonder if they will ask her about it next Tuesday night on the after the show finale? Gross. Period the end. Gross.

On a brighter note, today would have been my Mamaw's 84th birthday... it has been almost 2 years since she passed and I miss her bunches! She was so funny and always smiling and just made you feel warm and cozy to be around (except for towards the end, she had Alzheimer's, and sometimes she would say crazy embarrassing things that literally you couldn't help but laugh at but really wanted to crawl under a table lol). I know she is having the best birthday yet today and in such a better place :)

This was one of her last birthdays... maybe 3 or 4 years ago She looks so happy though :)

This is one of my favorites, me mom and mamaw with our sunglasses on haha

So cute :)

She got to meet Frankie!! aww... this was right when we got him so he was a grease pot bc he couldn't get groomed yet lol but he does have on a green Polo you just can't see it ;)

Lastly, I made a facebook fan page for one of my builder accounts yesterday... please "Like" it .... especially if you are a Lexington friend, lol I appreciate your support and need to get some followers... you can click the link below:

Have a great day! PS. I think Greys is new tonight :)
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  1. OMG that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen!! I can't stand Janelle or however you spell her name.

  2. Yup, new Grey's tonight, their MUSICAL episode, i cannot wait!!!

  3. Teem Mom 2, ugh. They are all SO bad! Especially Jenell. She and her mom are terrible! Poor Jace...

  4. Your mom is going to be a celebrity! That's awesome. You and your mom look so much alike - so pretty! I'm sure you've only been told that 100

  5. EMERGENCY! I am a bad friend! I am NOW a true FOLLOWER!!! :)


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