Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My fave videos when I need a laugh :)

I must admit I rarely, have time to get on youtube and look at videos... however I do love when people send me good ones to view! And I also love to take some of my own from my phone during extremely funny situations or for blackmail against Chris haha! So I decided I would share some of my favorite videos to date. Be sure to mute my playlist at the bottom of the page first :)

Sorry if you are an Obama lover.... but this is hysterical if you haven't seen it already...

Ugh I can not for the life of me figrue out how to get these to rotate... but you can kinda get the picture here... this is Connor's first "sour patch kid" and aren't I a good Godmother? lol

I have an obsession with this kid... something about him, I'm not sure if i feel sorry for him, think he is the funniest person ever, or what? But he is hysterical and this is my favorite video of his antics

This is a commercial, but my very favorite commercial currently... they play it every 5 secs so you've probably seen it, but its good!

Thats it... hope it made you smile!
My next post I'm hoping will be my Spring "must-have's", the list is just so long right now I am trying to tone it down a notch before posting so that if Chris see's it he won't go into cardiac arrest! ;)
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  1. Ha ahhahah that is my favorite commercial too!! "She said she's wanted me to ask her out for years..."

  2. new follower via PinkLouLou...

    i too have a weird obsession with Keenan Cahill... but he's cute and funny in an odd way! i think my personal fav is still his rendition of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream!


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