Monday, March 14, 2011

Decisions, Decisions?

It's Monday! you can already guess what is on my mind, making me count down the hours until 8pm!
I am a little depressed it is the last night... however I can not WAIT for Brad to choose Emily :)  A little too confident? I think not. How could he not choose her? Maybe we should talk about Brad for a moment...
Ahhhh-mazing! Love him. Can not believe all the people that trash talked him just because he was on national TV and did not choose a girl because he didn't love either one of them? Give me a break people! He did the right thing, bottom line. And I love him ha. Listening to him talk is the best part, love his accent.
Oh sweet little Emily....
Don't you want to be her friend? I feel like a already am (Chris makes so much fun of me by the way.) She is so genuine and friendly... and not to mention absolutely gorgeous! I just love her. Her story is so beautiful and touching ... if you have never heard it (you might have been under a rock? jk) you can read it here. She is such a trooper too... going on a group date to a RACE TRACK, and actually getting in the car and racing after what she has been strong!
I just know Brad loves her... he is so sweet to her... just look at them together...
Brad about Emily...
"You make me lose words. I feel like an idiot around you."

Brad to Emily ...
"I think you have an extreme amount of class and sophistication."

And how sweet is this with little Ricky? Picture Perfect!

I don't even really need to talk about Chantal haha bless her heart... I tried to like her a couple of times, I really did! But it is hard for me to like her when she did this on the first night, her first impression with Brad -

A slap across the face? From "all the women in America" ?? Not this woman! Sorry sister!
Kinda ridic in my opinion. Sorry if you like her. :(

So who do you think Brad will choose? Two, totally opposite choices here (doesn't it always seem that way? They are always opposites at the end!)

I really hope that when Brad is standing there with his last rose...

Looking so cute and handsome... That he will make the right choice and we will end with seeing this...

Cheers to tonight! Hopefully my prediction won't be wrong :( Can't wait to hear everything from "After the Rose" too! Ahhh! Happy Monday!

PS. Look who had her very first sleepover this weekend and she was so cute... have to show pic :)
She was so excited about this cute bag that we had to show it off!

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  1. I have an identical bag from Vickies that I take everywhere! It is my "shack pack" bahaha

  2. Dana!! I miss you! Looks like you are doing fabulous! I lovvvvvvvveeeeeed Emily too! I hope they work through their problems and live happily ever after!


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