Thursday, June 23, 2011

You've Got Mail!

Today I came home to find a UPS box at my front door... LOVE when this happens :) This one I have been patiently waiting for let me tell you. After ALLLLL the hype and blogging about the fabulous Marley Lilly website, I just couldn't resist (duh, of course, no surprise here) going and scooping up some cute summer must have's! I am slightly obsessed with anything monogrammed anyway, so this website of everything monogrammed mixed with the fact that everything on there is super cute and not insane expensive... it was basically love at first sight! ;)

My box contained....

The absolute "Must Have" pool/beach accessory ... the Monogrammed Floppy Beach Hat :)

I know you can't tell the initials this way, sorry, but thought you might want to see how it fits because there are a couple of different hats you can order. I like this one because it is not huge, but does do the job of covering your face and looking cute at the same time :) Love it! Can't wait to wear it!

I am a little notorious for losing expensive sunglasses. My last pair I left in the movie theatre a few months ago and called literally 15 minutes after we left and they were stolen gone from the room. Arrhh! Hence why right now I am wearing a cheapie $12 pair from Target. SOooo I thought I should get these nifty little Croakies for safe keeping, especially when in FL on the boat or in the ocean. Love them.

Now for my FAVE...

It's a little hard to see because the towel is white and so is my bed haha... but this is the Loung Chair Cover w/ Pockets! Genius!! I am always wrapping my cell phone in the side of the towel, or needing somewhere to put my lip balm, etc. This towel is HUGE! It's so soft, so comfy!

Two BIG pockets that hang from each side of the towel

And it's a little hard to tell from my pics, but the initials are so big too and look awesome!

Here is the pic from the website... you can tell a little better how big it is.

That's it from Marley Lilly... for now at least ha. I want everything on the website. The shipping was quick and all came exactly as ordered! :) Happy Shopping Ladies!

Now I did hit up Home Goods today for about 30 minutes while I was killing some time and scooped up two nick knack patty wacks that I'm loving...

How cute is this dog food/water bowl stand thingy for Frankie? I die. Loved it. Had to have it. So precious. They had a couple other colors and sizes too, I just had to get the smallest for my little angel, ha.

This thing was $4 and the best $4 I've spent probably. How cute? Just to carry on vaca or in your purse or whatever for your earrings, rings, etc. Loved it. It's small enough to carry around but just the perfect size for your little jewelry.

Lastly I will leave you with this... in a previous post I shared with you a children's drawing that was HILARIOUS that I got on facebook from a friend, Teri. See that one HERE.  Well she has posted another that I had to share because 1. It is hysterical and 2. So many people loved and commented on the last one. Kids are funny... and it is true, you never know what they'll say, or in this case, write. Ha!

Nite Yall!
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  1. Bahahahahaha. She does Meth with us. I am hysterical.

  2. Love these ML goodies! I have been wanting a hat so bad and now I definitely have to have that lounge chair cover! So cute and the pockets.. love! I'll have a place to store my Iphone somewhat under cover so it doesn't overheat!



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