Sunday, June 26, 2011

Likes/Obsessions & Dislikes

Maybe I have been watching a little too much "Live with Andy Cohen" on Bravo, and his 3 things he is obsessed with each week, lol, but I thought it would be a good idea to do my weekly "3 obsesses/dislikes" too.
Great idea, thanks Andy! ;)

3 Obsessions of the Week:
1. This CRAZY Trial... can't.stop.watching!

Uggghhh she is driving me absolutely crazy. I am not mentioning her name is this post because I don't want google to pick it up and all these crazy's coming to my blog haha. But you know her, who doesn't lets be honest? Just breaks my heart for that poor little girl BUT I still can not stop watching it. I was overly obsessed with it when she went missing and throughout the whole entire things in 2008. I read the court docs online and everything (yes, I am a freak ha). I just got wrapped up in it. So I can't help but follow it now, and I mean it helps a little that it is on HLN 24/7 literally nonstop.

This lady is on my nerves... now she is trying to save her daughter from the death penalty by admitting she was the one who did the chemical searches on the computer. What a joke. Surely the jury is not buying her fabrications.

Now I do feel sorry for him... I mean allegations that he molested his daughter... can't get much worse than that. Poor thing. So Sad.

I heard on HLN a couple of days ago, they were interviewing a lady who has studied all the muscles in a human face and knows what expressions make what muscles move, etc etc. She stated something to the effect of that when you cry, there are particular wrinkles in every person's face and forehead that show up, and also certain veins that you can see ... and when Casey has been crying, none of those facial expression wrinkles or veins were apparent at ALL. She is fake crying. I can tell. I watch Young and the Restless people... you know when someone is fake crying.

Poor little girl... so sad. I pray that justice is served and that her family will have the peace they deserve. :(

2. "My Heart Can't Tell You No" - By Sara Evans
Lovvee this song.. it is a remake of an old song I'm pretty sure... but I love it! Just got tickets to see Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans, Easton Corbin & Justin Moore and I am beyond ecstatic about it! Check out the song...
(Mute the playlist at the bottom of this page before you watch!!)
3. This Post from Don't Waste Your Cancer Blog  
Click Here to Read
This post was awesome, I read every word of it and it is so true. Sometimes blogging feels like you are showing your favorite things, new purchases, best pictures, etc and that life is perfect. Libby did a wonderful job of depicting the truth to "real" life... And she hit the nail on the head IMO. No one's life is perfect, flawless, fight-less, stress-free, happy all the time, you get my drift :) And mine is FAR from that too.... I feel stress every single day, some days so bad I want to stay home and just turn off the phone and lay in bed and watch DVR! But life is about knowing what you can handle and knowing when you need a break and can admit to yourself that everyone has problems, and there is ALWAYS someone who has it way worse than you, and I truly believe that!
 I loved reading this from her, it was refreshing to me. Admitting to anyone, much less thousands of readers, that you are not "perfect" is not an easy thing to do... and I commend and thank Libby for this post!
Love her blog! :)

3 Dislikes of the Week:

1. Jake and Vienna are Back (Heaven help us all!)
Arrrrh! They are so ridiculous! Jake was probably my most least favorite Bachelor EVER... he was annoying the entire season. And Vienna was just as bad. So really you would think they were a match made in heaven... wrong! They were both so fame hungry it was sickening. Well I have just caught wind that they are back... they are appearing on the second season of The Bachelor Pad on ABC on August 8th. They will both be on the show and apparently rekindling their old flame {insert gagging sound here} and trying to work things out. I don't think I will be able to watch so someone please let me know how bad it is! LOL
2. "Ghet-Toes" bahahaha
I got this picture in an email this weekend from some people attending Prom... and this was the last photo... and I couldn't resist sharing with everyone because it is the absolute most ridiculous thing ever (Close 2nd to the "toe shoes" I shared in Gatlinburg post) only this is a little funny and the toe shoes are just pure gross LOL

3. I can't think of a third one... ?? LOL Maybe next time? 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend :)

Time for my New Jersey housewives tonight and to see what craziness they are up to now.....? 

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  1. What a fun idea! I have been obsessed with the trial too! She is so dang guilty its just sick!

  2. thanks for the little libby ryder shot out and for following our story. it is pretty freeing to admit you do not have it all together. xo

  3. I seriously LOVE your blog! Every time I check in, I see that you are yet again into something that I am i.e. the obsession with the trial! OMG--CAN'T.STOP.WATCHING!


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